Turmeric for gastritis

Turmeric for gastritis Turmeric is a very useful spice.In our house, it usually comes in the form of a ready-made and packaged yellow powder.Can I eat it with gastritis?It is possible, but not in all cases.So, for example, with increased acidity and during an exacerbation it should not be used.Although on the other hand it is praised for the fact that it is able to reduce acidity and reduce the production of gastric juice.Also during gastritis there are not very comfortable symptoms: bloating, diarrhea, flatulence.In order to get rid of these symptoms enough to drink a glass of warm water, in which one spoon of spice was previously dissolved.

Turmeric is known as a powerful antiseptic.Its properties completely suppress the inflammatory processes, both in the whole body and in the stomach.It is very interesting that there was more than one study on the effect of this spice on gastritis and gastric ulcer.The main substance in it is curcumin.It is he who carries all the therapeutic functionality.Incredibly, but the fact that w

hen the substance is exposed, one can avoid such an ailment as gastritis, while not using medicines or reducing their use to a minimum.Surgical interventions, it also helps to avoid.


The main thing in the application of any remedy is the right dose.It is she who decides everything.Indian scientists have proved this and derived the correct formula.A small dose is not capable of providing the desired therapeutic effect, but a large one is capable of damaging the whole organism.Therefore, the calculation is as follows: per 1 kg of the mass of the human body should be 100 milligrams.Thus, if a person weighs 50 kg per day, he needs 5 grams of curcumin.

Turmeric is also a part of the seasoning called curry, which means it is also useful, but in the right doses.


Treatment of gastritis turmeric

Turmeric with gastritis? You can prepare a wide variety of decoctions and infusions.Good help turmeric with gastritis in combination with activated charcoal:

number 1.(10 grams) mixed with activated charcoal( 3 tablets) and pour boiling milk( 50 grams).Drink a decoction of 1 tbsp.Spoon three times a day.Drink the broth after eating.The course of treatment is 21 days, then a ten-day break.


# 2.Turmeric( 5 grams) mixed with charcoal( 1 tablet) and add honey( 1 tea).This mixture is recommended to use 10 days 1 time before bedtime.

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