Clinic and treatment of gastritis, recommendations and clinical picture

Clinic of gastritis The clinical picture is a combination of the manifestation of diseases, as well as the features of its course as the basis for prognosis, diagnosis and treatment.The clinical picture, in particular, includes local symptoms, signs of general pathological processes of the body, as well as other diagnostic data that can be detected during examination, questioning, percussion, palpation and auscultation of the patient.

We will also consider the main recommendations for the treatment of gastritis.

Some gastroenterologists are convinced that a typical clinical picture does not accompany chronic gastritis.However, thanks to carefully collected anamnesis, it is possible to distinguish characteristic signs of such a disease( for all its forms).


Clinical picture of gastritis

Gastritis - clinic and treatment

The main symptoms of the disease:

  • Pain. The most common symptom that occurs after eating.The pains are aching, dull, especially when they are standing up and walking.In some cases, patients may experience a sensation of pressure in the pit of the stomach even after taking a small amount of food.Pain can also be intense, in particular with erosive gastritis.
  • Gastric dispersion. Such a clinic includes a feeling of unpleasant taste in the oral cavity, a decrease in appetite, belching, bloating, nausea, feelings of transfusion and rumbling in the abdomen.This syndrome is caused by impaired absorption as a result of insufficient secretion of gastric juice, hormones, enzymes that form in the gastric mucosa, as well as a violation of gastric digestion.
  • Hypovitaminosis. He is in the general clinical picture due to poor absorption and digestion.It shows signs of a lack of different vitamins, at least, group B. This can include sniffs and cracks in the corners of the mouth, earlier hair loss, increased peeling of the skin, and fragility of the nails.To get recommendations for the treatment of such symptoms, you should consult a doctor.
  • Disruption of electrolyte balance. Such a clinic can be found with a disease such as atrophic with a decreased secretory function of the gastrointestinal tract.There is a shortage of potassium, calcium and iron.
  • Endocrine insufficiency. Rarely found in gastritis, quite variable and not very pronounced.It can manifest itself as a violation of sexual function, especially in men.

This is not the whole list of clinical manifestations of such a disease, but the main ones are presented.


Recommendations for treatment of gastritis

Recommendations for gastritis The main complex of therapy of the disease includes dietotherapy, which takes into account the features of the above-mentioned clinic, functions( primarily secretory) and the phases of the disease.Your diet should contain 5-6 meals, regardless of the type and phase of the disease.

In such clinical manifestations and, especially when aggravated, the doctor prescribes mashed soups without meat, white rusks, tea, jelly and creamy little.

After a few days in the diet of your diet for treatment you can enter fish, mashed lean meat, mashed potatoes( vegetable and fruit), as well as eggs.Note that patients who are poorly tolerated by the restriction of food, or to malnourished children, such a menu is assigned immediately.


Then, watching the patient's clinic recommendations for feeding the patient for his treatment are expanding.

The experience of most clinics suggests that the treatment of chronic gastritis should begin in the hospital.Because of this, you can immediately change the stereotype, in which the disease has appeared, as well as better to examine the patient and establish the optimal regime in the clinic.

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