What acidity with gastritis is normal, zero, how to determine, to know?

Gastritis and acidity Such an inflammatory disease of the main digestive organ, like gastritis, usually occurs when the enzymatic capacity of the gastric mucosa changes.That is, when the activity of the gastric juice medium is increased or decreased.On this basis, this pathology is divided into several subspecies: with normal, zero, increased and decreased acidity.

Quite often you can hear this question: "What acidity happens with gastritis, and how to determine it?The causes of its occurrence among people who begin to experience discomfort in the organs of the digestive tract are quite natural.After all, only knowing the level of activity of the digestive enzyme, it is possible to start therapeutic actions in time appropriate to this form of problem.

How to determine the acidity of gastritis?

What is the acidity of gastritis? In the event that the patient showed the main signs of this disease, he should go through the necessary diagnostics as quickly as possible in order to start the appropriate treatment.This study allows the most accurate determination

of the level of the digestive enzyme, and as a result, it becomes possible to prescribe more effective therapy.

And if the inflammatory pathologies of the stomach, which occur against the background of increased or decreased digestive enzyme production, know a lot, then zero or normal acidity with gastritis, namely their symptoms, are covered in informative sources in a minimal amount.

This does not allow to obtain sufficient information about the primary signs of this pathology of the stomach, and, therefore, to take prompt action to eliminate these types of diseases.This ignorance and the patient's inactivity resulting from it in most cases lead to the development of not only ulcers in man, but also malignant neoplasms in the organs of the digestive tract.

Gastritis with normal acidity

Gastritis with normal acidity This type of disease is dangerous in that it can only be determined if an appropriate diagnostic test is performed.But since many simply do not undergo scheduled check-ups from doctors or because of lack of time, this form of inflammatory pathology of the stomach remains undetected, and accordingly, is not subjected to the necessary treatment.

With normal acidity of gastric juice, the disease is of an initial nature and is called a superficial gastritis.Anyone can become at risk for the emergence of this form of the disease, since many factors, both external and internal, influence the development of this pathology.The main ones are as follows:

  • Dysfunction in the diet and associated malnutrition during the day and overeating in the evening, as well as very small mobility, facilitated by any office work;
  • Self-medication with some over-the-counter medicines.These include both usual aspirin, and some types of antibiotics or non-steroid drugs;
  • Nervous overload caused by stress, as well as the presence of harmful habits, expressed in the abuse of alcohol and smoking;
  • Infectious diseases that are chronic or endocrine system diseases;
  • Hereditary factor.

As can be seen from the list of the above reasons for the occurrence of superficial gastritis with normal acidity, in our ultra-high-speed time, this disease can be all without exception.

And due to the almost absent symptoms in the normal secretory function of the stomach, do not pay due attention to it and allow the development of a decrease or increase in the acidity of the stomach, and at the same time, the transition of superficial gastritis to more terrible gastrointestinal diseases.

For this reason, such an inconspicuous development of the disease to any person should undergo annual medical examination in order not to miss the onset of the onset of this pathology.

Gastritis with zero acidity

Gastritis with zero acidity Complete absence of acidity in gastric juice with gastritis is a very serious problem that occurs quite rarely, but does not exclude the possibility of getting any person into a risk group.In the case when the patient has zero acidity, that is, a complete lack of activity in the digestive enzyme, he is diagnosed with a disease such as an anatomic gastritis.

The problematic aspect of this form of the disease development is that with it there is no ability in the stomach for a normal digestive process, that is, the proteins that have entered into it can not be assimilated in full.

The food residues accumulating in the body of the stomach undergo a decay process, forming toxic substances that act on the human body.Inflammatory pathology in the stomach, taking place in the anacid form, is a precancerous condition of this organ of the digestive tract.

Symptoms of gastritis with zero acidity

Acid with gastritis Signs of absence in the main digestive organ of enzymatic activity include:

  • Very sluggish intestinal peristalsis, which causes stool disorders;
  • Pain syndrome in the epigastric region:
  • After eating, a severe heaviness in the stomach, which is caused by indigestion;
  • Milk intolerance and weight loss, caused by the fact that the body loses nutrients;A stale smell from the mouth, weakness, dizziness, a constant state of nausea.

Gastritis with zero acidity does not respond to treatment, it is possible to achieve only longer stages of remission of the disease, and to alleviate the patient's condition by prescribing substitution therapy courses, which in most cases take up a lifetime.

To presume the presence of gastritis, which has changed the acidity level, it is possible by the following features:

  • In the absence of activity in the digestive enzyme, a person, without frowning, eats a lemon without even sprinkling it with sugar beforehand;
  • Apple juice, drunk on an empty stomach, and not causing any negative emotions, also indicates the presence of gastritis with a complete lack of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice.

But in order for the results of the presence of the disease and the form of its development to be accurate, it is mandatory to undergo diagnostics using stomach sensing.

Treatment of gastritis with a lack of acidity

Treatment of gastritis with zero acidity This form of the disease requires mandatory complex therapy, which consists of applying a strict diet, changing the adverse lifestyle or work, the constant use of drugs that replace the gastric enzyme and complete rejection of addictions.

Only in this case, unpleasant signs of gastritis with almost absent acidity can be kept under control, which gives the patient the opportunity to lead a familiar lifestyle.

Special attention is paid to nutrition when treating such a disease, which is accompanied by a complete lack of enzymatic activity of the digestive organ.Only in this way it is possible to avoid further damage to the gastric mucosa.

In gastritis with impaired acidity, do not use gastric irritating foods, such as fatty, salty, spicy and spicy foods, as well as carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

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