Distal superficial gastritis

Distal superficial gastritis This disease, like gastritis, is quite a broad concept, which includes many forms.They differ in location in the mucosa of the main digestive organ, the depth of penetration into it of the inflammatory process and the stage in which the development of pathological changes is located.

Depending on the location, distal surface gastritis is prominent, which is now a problem for most people.It is represented by an inflammatory process, which occupies only 1/3 of the digestive organ in its area of ​​distribution.


It should be considered separately, since the onset of the disease occurs in the distal, most remote part of our stomach.Despite the superficial, rather easy form, because of the difficulty in determining it can bring a lot of problems.Most often this form is the main reason for the development of duodenitis - a serious inflammation of the esophagus.

Distal superficial gastritis is most often diagnosed in people who constantly abuse fried or too fatty foods, take potent medicines for a long time

, lead a loose life without restricting themselves to addictions and abusing alcohol.


Symptoms for detecting distal superficial gastritis

Distal superficial gastritis Disease with such a remote location is difficult to diagnose.But all the same it is worth paying attention to the accompanying signs, in time to determine the onset of the development of the disease and to prevent the deplorable results, which can lead to disregard for the treatment of distal gastritis of the stomach.For the most part this form of the disease is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Burning sensation and eruption, localized in the epigastric region;
  • The pain that occurs there after eating, which is aching or dull;
  • Decreased appetite and "hungry" nausea;
  • Often manifested after eating fatty or flour products, as well as alcohol, severe heartburn;
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth, accompanied by putrefactive odor;
  • Painful sensations in the palpation of the epigastric zone.

If such symptoms occur, you should immediately call your doctor to be able to detect the development of distal superficial gastritis in time, and start treating the disease, and take all preventive measures.Only in this way will the patient save himself from possible further problems.

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