Antral gastritis( body and stomach), what is it, what are the causes of the appearance?

<p> <img alt="Anthral gastritis, what is it?" src="/f/24/74/24744997ed4d0792415a9828d7a7f7b2.jpg"> Gastritis of the gastric mucosa, depending on the place of origin, is divided into the following types: </p> <ul> <li> fundus, affecting the upper and middle stomach, </li> <li> pangastritis, if the entire mucosa is affected.</li> <li> antral, which occurs with inflammation of the mucosa of the terminal( antral) part of the stomach.</li> </ul> <p> The gastritis of the antral department is classified in category B and is superficial.Most often it is caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which disrupt the function of the glands and cause pathological changes in the mucosa.In certain cases, these phenomena occur in autoimmune diseases.</p> <p> One of the most common forms of antral gastritis has a degenerative-dystrophic character, entails inflammation in the mucosa and its scarring.This makes it difficult for the food lump to pass from the stomach to the intestine.</p> <p> In the final, or pyloric section of our stomach, there are most of the glands that produce mucus.Its purpose is the ability to alkaline the contents of the stomach to protect against corrosion by its own acid.When this site is affected and the mucus production is disrupted, the acidity of the gastric juice is increased.<div> <script async src=""></script> <!-- infoh1 --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:block" data-ad-client="ca-pub-3781984532523932" data-ad-slot="5787601464" data-ad-format="auto" data-full-width-responsive="true"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </div></p> <p> Antral gastritis is recognized as a type of chronic gastritis.The level of the hormone content of gastrin in the blood in this case is normal or slightly reduced, immunity is not detected.</p> <p> An antral gastritis gastritis is usually accompanied by an increased production of gastric juice.In this case, often there is eructation, nausea, decreased appetite, heaviness in the stomach and stool disorders.</p> <p> With antral gastritis, as with all its other forms, characteristic pains appear in the stomach.Usually they begin in a half to two hours after a meal.</p> <p> For accurate diagnosis, you will need laboratory and endoscopic studies, which will appoint a gastroenterologist.</p> <p> In order to confirm the diagnosis, it is sometimes necessary to study tissue samples.Examination will exclude stomach ulcers, often manifested by the same symptoms, and also reveal a pathological narrowing of the final part of the stomach due to the formation of scars on connective tissue.</p> <h2> Types of antral gastritis </h2> <p> <img alt="Gastritis of the antrum" src="/f/ef/e0/efe0568c9842031826b65814197efd8a.jpg"> Antral gastritis is superficial or erosive.The superficial view passes without touching the gland, and leaves no scarring.This kind of its form is an easy form of the disease and is most easily amenable to therapy.</p> <p> In the erosive form on the surface of the mucosa appear sores of small sizes, which sometimes can even bleed.With this, the pain intensifies.In advanced form, the disease can cause complications, sometimes an ulcer or swelling develops.</p> <p> An antral rigidity gastritis is considered to be a more severe form of pathology.It often occurs with sclerosis of the walls of the stomach with subsequent scar formation and constriction of its pylorus.</p> <p> This type of pathology is the most dangerous and often leads to the development of cancer.Rigid gastritis can be signaled by dyspepsia and moderate intensity pain caused by high acidity.</p> <h3> Causes of gastritis of antrum </h3> <p> <img alt="Gastritis of the antral stomach" src="/f/d3/46/d34686d7b75859f307784b283c67225f.jpg"> In most cases, chronic antral gastritis is caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria.To ensure their vital activity, an acid-alkaline medium with a pH of four to six is ‚Äč‚Äčnecessary, although they are able to maintain their activity in a more acidic environment.With a lower acidity of the gastric juice, the bacterium can exist asleep and activate, again falling into a favorable environment.</p> <p> With active multiplication, bacteria penetrate into the antral epithelium, which causes damage to the mucous membrane and disruption of the glands.The gastric juice ceases to alkalize in the compartment.An increase in its acidity disrupts the epithelium of the entire body of the stomach.</p> <p> Factors favoring uncontrolled bacterial growth are: </p> <ul> <li> throwing intestinal contents into the stomach;</li> <li> use of certain drugs;</li> <li> food allergy;</li> <li> improper power supply;</li> <li> bad habits;</li> <li> chronic infections;</li> <li> endocrine disorders;</li> <li> acute and chronic heart, lung and kidney diseases.</li> </ul><h3> Treatment of antral gastritis gastritis </h3> <p> <img alt="Gastritis of the body and antrum" src="/f/7b/13/7b1310027adafbd125cf9840fdc157af.jpg"> For timely diagnosis and treatment of the disease, you should consult a therapist and a gastroenterologist.Treatment includes: </p> <ul> <li> a special diet for several weeks or months( table number 16 with exacerbation and gradual expansion to table number 1);</li> <li> application of antibacterial therapy;</li> <li> anti-inflammatory drugs;</li> <li> use of reparative and antisecretory drugs;</li> <li> use of spasmolytic agents;</li> <li> physiotherapy;</li> <li> sanatorium treatment.</li> </ul> <h3> Prevention of antral gastritis </h3> <p> <img alt="Prevention of antral gastritis" src="/f/c2/1b/c21b9b180bc686fdfa66c17e919c8fa7.jpg"> To prevent the occurrence of inflammation of the stomach, you should observe the principles of proper nutrition, get rid of bad habits( alcohol and cigarettes), observe the regime of the day, avoid stress and exorbitant physical exertion.</p> <p> When carrying out the doctor's advice and conducting a healthy lifestyle, the prognosis for the cure of the disease is quite favorable.The main thing is to avoid self-treatment and turn to the gastroenterologist in time to avoid turning the disease into a heavier diffuse form, ulcer or swelling.</p>
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