FLIT and FORTRANS: what is better and what is the difference (difference of compositions, doctors reviews)

A colonoscopy is required to identify most intestinal diseases. Before performing a diagnostic procedure, it is necessary to prepare the organs of the gastrointestinal tract accordingly.

During the preparatory process are used laxatives. Doctors to cleanse the bowels recommend the use of drugs Fleet or Fortrans.

Doctors for intestinal cleansing recommend the use of drugs Fleet or Fortrans
Doctors to cleanse the bowels recommend the use of drugs Fleet or Fortrans.

Similarities of compositions

Fortrans and Flit soda are laxatives. These medicines are prescribed before operations on the digestive tract, colonoscopy or x-ray examinations. The use of drugs allows you to clean the intestinal cavity of fecal masses.

The composition of drugs contains different active ingredients, but their use has a similar effect on the body. The osmotic properties of the active substances of the preparations do not allow the excretion of fluid from the body, which allows cleaning the intestines before diagnostic procedures gently, without disturbing the natural microflora of the gastrointestinal organs tract.

Both drugs are not recommended for use in case of exacerbation of hemorrhoids.


Drugs are analogues of each other in their action, but they have a number of differences.

The differences between the drugs include:

  1. Release form.
  2. Mode of application.
  3. Taste qualities.

Preparations are made in the form of solutions and powders.

In accordance with the instructions for use Flit must be mixed with a small amount of water and after drinking drink with liquid. According to the Fortrans annotation, each packet of the drug must be diluted in 1 liter of water, the finished solution is taken orally, without additional washing.

Fortrans in its composition does not contain flavors, for this reason, the ready solution of the drug is more difficult to drink. Flit has a lemon flavor, which facilitates its ingestion.

Fortrans in its composition does not contain flavors, for this reason, the ready solution of the drug is harder to drink
Fortrans in its composition does not contain flavors, for this reason, the ready solution of the drug is more difficult to drink.

What is better Fleet or Fortrans?

Flit, according to the research, allows to better clean the intestinal lumen before conducting diagnostic procedures. After its application during examination, the walls and lumen of the large intestine are clearly visible.

The big advantage of the drug is that it has a minimal amount of side effects. The disadvantage of the drug is the emergence of the risk of violations of water-salt balance.

The use of Fortrans is more unpleasant for the patient because of the need to take a large amount of liquid that has an unpleasant taste.

Can I take at the same time?

Preparations are not recommended to be combined for carrying out preparatory procedures for further examination of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Contraindications in the use of drugs Flit and Fortrans

When using Fortrans to prepare the organs of the gastrointestinal tract for medical manipulations, it is necessary to take into account the possible presence of contraindications to the use of the patient:

  • severe diseases and conditions such as severe heart failure, dehydration, etc .;
  • the presence of a malignant neoplasm or other pathology of the colon, which revealed an extensive lesion of the intestinal wall mucosa;
  • complete or partial intestinal obstruction;
  • patient age up to 15 years;
  • high level of sensitivity to polyethylene glycol (there are data on rare manifestations of allergic reactions to preparations with this substance in the composition).

Contraindications to the use of Flit for cleaning the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract are:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • complete or partial intestinal obstruction;
  • violation of the integrity and development of inflammatory bowel diseases;
  • nausea, pain in the abdominal cavity, the urge to vomit;
  • the presence of heart failure;
  • severe renal failure;
  • patient age up to 15 years;
  • periods of pregnancy and lactation.
Contraindications to the use of Flit are complete or partial intestinal obstruction.
Contraindications to the use of Flit are complete or partial intestinal obstruction.

Before prescribing any of the medications, the attending physician ascertains the presence or absence of contraindications and restrictions for the patient, indicated in the annotations to medicines.

Side effects from drugs Flit and Fortrans

In the case of the use of Fortrans to prepare the patient’s intestines for surgery or diagnostic procedures, the following side effects may occur:

  1. On the part of the digestive system - at the initial stage of taking nausea and the urge to vomit, and during its continuation - bloating.
  2. Allergic manifestations - in rare cases, puffiness appears, rashes on the skin, in clinical practice there have been isolated cases of anaphylactic shock.

When using the Fleet in a patient in rare cases, the following undesirable effects may occur:

  • feelings of nausea;
  • urging to vomit;
  • abdominal distention and pain;
  • diarrhea;
  • weakness, dizziness;
  • headache;
  • allergic dermatitis.

In some groups of patients with the use of a medication, an imbalance of electrolytes or dehydration of the body is possible.

How to use?

Instructions for use of Fortrans provides for the appointment of the drug only to patients older than 15 years.

Before taking the medicine, the contents of the bag dissolve in 1 liter of water. When prescribing a medication, the doctor calculates its dosage. In accordance with the instructions, the dose of the medicinal product is 1 l per 15-20 kg of body weight. A person with an average weight when preparing the intestines for diagnostic procedures or surgery should take 3-4 liters of the finished mixture.

After preparation of the bowel cleansing solution, the required dose is taken the night before the medical manipulations. If necessary, for a better purification of the digestive system from the contents, the required volume of solution can be divided into 2 steps. In this case, take 2 liters in the evening and the remaining 2 liters of solution in the morning. A prerequisite for proper cleaning is taking the solution for 3-4 hours before diagnostic or surgical procedures.

Drug Fleet begin to take the day before medical procedures. Depending on the appointed time, the procedures in the hospital use different bowel cleaning schemes.

When prescribing a survey before noon, at 7 am, one day before the manipulation, drink 250 ml of clear liquid or pure water instead of breakfast. 45 ml of the product is diluted in ½ cup of cold water and taken, after which the solution is washed down with 1 cup of water.

Instead of dinner, 3 glasses of water are drunk and 1 glass of liquid is taken for dinner instead of food.

In the evening, 2 doses of the medication are diluted in ½ cup of cold water. The solution is drunk and washed down with a glass of cold water.

It is recommended to consume an additional amount of liquid before midnight.

For evening appointments, a light meal is allowed the day before the procedure at 13 o'clock. The diet should not contain heavy for the digestive system products. At 19 o'clock a glass of water is taken instead of dinner. The first dose of ½ cup of cold water is diluted and drunk. The solution is washed down with a glass of liquid. Before midnight, the patient is recommended to drink at least another 3 cups of liquid. Causes a stool between 30 minutes and 6 hours.

Pharmacy sales terms

Both drugs are dispensed in a pharmacy after the prescription of the attending physician.


The cost of the Fleet is from 1600 to 2 152 rubles. per pack. The price of Fortrans is lower compared to Fleet and ranges from 530 to 600 rubles for a package containing 4 sachets.


Shafeev E. V., endoscopist, Tula

The quality of patient preparation using Fortrans is close to the gold standard, two-stage preparation is the most effective option.

The taste of this tool is unpleasant, so many patients refuse because of intolerance. Also, patients are afraid of a large amount of fluid that needs to be drunk.

For more than 7 years I have been using this drug in clinical practice, and the impressions are only positive.

Fedorova N. A., endoscopist, Sevastopol

Subject to the instructions for use Fortrans bowel cleaning effect for a colonoscopy is good. Dosage - 1 pack per 20 kg of weight, but not less than 3 pcs. with weight below 60 kg. Observed poor preparation in a 40 kg patient using 2 bags.

Not all patients are able to drink 3 liters - an unpleasant taste. Therefore, I always recommend additional preparation with enemas (on the eve and on the day of the study) and a slag-free diet at least 3 days before the procedure. I actively recommend Fortrans to patients in preparation for colonoscopy.

Natalia, 31, Volgograd

Fortrans was prescribed to clean the colon before colonoscopy. According to the instructions it is necessary to take into account 1 package per 20 kg of weight. The proctologist prescribed 1 packet of dissolve in 1 l of water and drink a little, for an hour. The taste is unpleasant, nauseous during the intake, so I recommend to use it cool and drink orange juice with urge. It was worried that the large intestine would not be completely cleared due to improper dosage of the drug, but the experiences were in vain. Fortrans is a gentle colon cleanser.

Tatyana, 46 years old, Novomoskovsk

The doctor appointed Flit to cleanse the bowels before the diagnosis. He said that this is a fairly new drug, it is easily tolerated, without any special side effects.
In total it was necessary to drink 2 bottles of this medicine, in contrast to 3 liters of Fortrans solution.
An hour after taking the remedy, nausea appeared and the head began to spin, tachycardia began.

Kuznetsova E. N., gastroenterologist, Astrakhan

I consider Flit an indispensable drug in preparation for a colonoscopy. Endoscopic physicians rarely note poor preparation for the study with proper administration of the drug.

The disadvantage is the possible occurrence of side effects and high cost. The drug is declared as a laxative, but in this capacity I do not recommend it.

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