Candle Relief And Ointment: What Is Better And What Is The Difference (Difference Of Compositions, Doctor's Reviews)

Several forms of Relief are available: candles and ointment, cream. The purpose of the drug - treatment of diseases of the rectum. Depending on the localization of the manifestations apply suppositories or ointment.

In the treatment of diseases of the rectum used suppositories or ointment Relief
In the treatment of diseases of the rectum used suppositories or ointment Relief.

Relief Characteristic

Candles are produced in a package containing 12 pcs. The volume of the tube with ointment - 28.4 g The kit contains the applicator for the convenience of introducing the substance into the rectum. The drug contains phenylephrine, it acts as an active ingredient. The product contains shark liver oil. His properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • hemostatic (the drug stops bleeding wounds);
  • regenerating.

The positive effect is provided due to the presence of vitamins A, D, E, trace elements (zinc, iron, copper). When Relief is applied, the integuments on the damaged areas are more intensively restored by accelerating the delivery of the necessary substances. Symptoms of inflammation are gradually eliminated. Considering that due to the presence of shark liver in the composition, the metabolism is restored at the cellular level, the body defenses are increased.

The hemostatic effect is provided by narrowing of the vessels. Phenylephrine acts on this principle. The blood does not stagnate, its outflow is noted at the site where the tissue is inflamed. This helps reduce the development of edema. At the same time, the process of exudate production is inhibited. When applied topically (in the anus), itching is eliminated.

Due to the contraction of the muscle fibers of the vessel, temporary relief occurs. Against the background of reducing itching, swelling, a decrease in the intensity of pain is observed. The acute symptoms of the rectal disease are eliminated. Relief can not be used as an anesthetic, since it acts on the source of pain directly.

It is recommended to use the drug in some cases:

  • anal fissures;
  • the appearance of itching in the anus;
  • hemorrhoids: loss of internal nodes, the appearance of formations on the sphincter;
  • puffiness that is a consequence
  • ┬áincreased blood flow to hemorrhoidal veins.

There are contraindications for this remedy:

  • individual intolerance of the active components;
  • granulocytopenia;
  • thromboembolic disease;
  • age of patients under 12 years.
Relief candles are used for anal fissures, itching in the anus, hemorrhoids
Candles Relif used for anal fissures, itching in the anus, hemorrhoids.

There are a number of relative contraindications in which the means is permissible to apply, but only under strict indications, when the probable benefit exceeds the possible harm:

  • treatment during childbirth;
  • diabetes;
  • tendency to increase pressure, with hypertension;
  • delayed urination due to the proliferation of prostate tissue;
  • lactation period.

Comparison of candles and ointment Relief

In some pathological conditions, it is better to choose a drug for external use. In other cases, on the contrary, suppositories are suitable. When choosing, take into account the type of disease, symptoms (their localization).


Ointment and suppositories Relif have one composition. Both forms of funds are intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids, cracks of the anus. They equally effectively eliminate itching, burning, normalize the blood supply in the affected area. When using any form of this drug, there are no side effects. Allergies can rarely develop, but this is a manifestation of hypersensitivity to active ingredients. When Relif is used in substantial amounts, neutralization of the action of antihypertensive drugs is noted.

According to the instructions, candles and ointment are used after the act of defecation. Be sure to use the drug in the morning and before bedtime. The frequency of use of funds per day no more than 4 times.

What is the difference

By the way of using drugs in different forms differ. Thus, the ointment can be injected into the rectum and applied to the outer integument in the perianal area. Suppositories are intended for rectal administration for hemorrhoids: only internal bumps are treated.

What is more effective

Ointment with external use is less intensively absorbed into the blood than suppositories, which slows down the effect of the drug in this form. Ointment with internal administration is absorbed faster in the affected tissue. As a result, the active ingredient as quickly penetrates the bloodstream, as is the case with candles.

Ointment Relief when administered internally is absorbed faster in the affected tissue.
Ointment Relief when administered internally is absorbed faster in the affected tissue.

In addition, 1 suppository contains 5 mg of phenylephrine, while 1 g of ointment - 2.5 mg. This means that the level of efficacy of the drug will depend on the amount that is used in a single injection. The higher the concentration of the active substance, the faster a positive result is achieved.

What's cheaper

Both forms of the drug cost almost the same. The price of ointment - 405 rubles., Suppositories - 430 rubles.

Pharmacy sales terms

The drug in different forms can be purchased without a prescription.

What is better - candles or Relief ointment

An unequivocal answer to this question is impossible. This is due to the fact that different forms of the drug are used in various pathological conditions. According to the effectiveness of the candles correspond to the ointment, provided that the last of the types of funds is used in an amount of at least 2 g per one approach. As a result, the amount of active ingredient in both cases will be the same.

Ointment for external use is the only possible treatment option, since suppositories are not intended for the treatment of external nodes. This means that the candles in this case are inferior to ointment.


Relief for lactation is recommended for strict indications. Given that the drug in the form of suppositories is introduced into the rectum, is absorbed into the blood faster, it is better to use an ointment. Its advantages compared with candles: a lower content of the active component, slow action (for outdoor use).

Can I use together

This is permissible if external and internal nodes appear at the same time. When ointments and suppositories are applied simultaneously, the likelihood of complications decreases. Relief comes faster too. The concentration of the active substance increases, which must be considered if other means are used. The simultaneous use of Relif in different forms is not recommended when there are relative contraindications.

Reviews of candles and ointment Relief

Olga, 28 years old, Penza

Hemorrhoids appeared long ago, for many years I have been struggling with exacerbations. Relief candles well help with increasing symptoms. Pain, they do not eliminate, but swelling, itching is reduced. The overall condition improves with this.

Anastasia, 37 years old, Vladivostok

Relief ointment is always at hand, since there is an anal fissure that cannot be completely cured. Symptoms pass for a while, then the crack reappears, bleeds, hurts. Unpleasant sensations quickly pass through the ointment. I like the fact that the drug is suitable for pregnant women, it is also not prohibited during lactation, since I cannot take long breaks while I have a child because of the occasional appearance of a crack.

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