GIDROKORTIZON and DEXAMETHASON: what is better and what is the difference (difference of compositions, doctors' reviews)

<div><div> <p>Medicines Hydrocortisone and Dexamethasone belong to the class of glucocorticoids. They are used in the treatment of various diseases and contain steroid hormones.</p> <figure><img src="/f/65/f7/65f78f968d756e9bdb171201c0aeceae.jpg" alt="Hydrocortisone and Dexamethasone are used in the treatment of various diseases and contain steroid hormones."><figcaption>Hydrocortisone and Dexamethasone are used in the treatment of various diseases and contain steroid hormones.</figcaption></figure><h2>Characteristics of drugs</h2> <h3>Dexamethasone</h3> <p>This synthetic drug is a fluorinated type of the natural hormonal substance hydrocortisone. It has the following properties:</p> <ul> <li>anti-shock;</li> <li>overwhelming activity of the immune system;</li> <li>anti-inflammatory;</li> <li>antiallergenic.</li> </ul> <p>The drug is completely and quickly absorbed in the intestine, easily penetrates through the walls of blood vessels. From the body, the substance is excreted by the intestines and kidneys after 24 hours.</p> <p>When using the drug in the form of eye drops, its active substances promptly enter the cornea of ​​the eye. When inflammation and damage to the mucous membrane components begin to act faster.</p> <p>Indications for administration of the drug:</p> <ul> <li>chronic autoimmune pathologies;</li> <div> <script async src=""></script> <!-- infoh1 --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:block" data-ad-client="ca-pub-3781984532523932" data-ad-slot="5787601464" data-ad-format="auto" data-full-width-responsive="true"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </div> <li>swelling of the brain during surgery, trauma and meningitis;</li> <li>shock conditions (cardiogenic, anaphylactic shock, etc.);</li> <li>blood diseases;</li> <li>ophthalmic diseases;</li> <li>intestinal pathologies, including hemorrhoids and peptic ulcer (as a symptomatic remedy);</li> <li>adrenal hyperplasia and their failure;</li> <li>ophthalmic inflammation;</li> <li>infectious skin pathologies;</li> <li>articular pathologies (synovitis, osteoarthrosis, arthritis, bursitis, ankylosing spondylitis);</li> <li>pulmonary tuberculosis (in combination with antibiotics).</li> </ul> <figure><img src="/f/8a/4a/8a4a94df4478c9868cc1f32c68e9a541.jpg" alt="Dexamethasone is prescribed for chronic autoimmune pathologies, cerebral edema, injuries and meningitis."><figcaption>Dexamethasone is prescribed for chronic autoimmune pathologies, cerebral edema, injuries and meningitis.</figcaption></figure><p>As a local remedy, medication is prescribed in the treatment of the integrity of the skin and inflammation of the ear.</p> <p>The medication is made in the form of oral tablets and ampoules for injection.</p> <h3>Hydrocortisone</h3> <p>Hydrocortisone is a natural hormone produced by the adrenal cortex. The drug based on this active ingredient has anti-inflammatory effects. It is prescribed to reduce the severity of immune responses.</p> <blockquote><p>The drug is also used as an anti-shock agent.</p></blockquote> <p>The drug is available in the form of ointment and acetate, which is administered intravenously. It is used for such diseases:</p> <ul> <li>swelling of the larynx;</li> <li>acute allergic reactions;</li> <li>bronchial asthma;</li> <li>insect bites and snakes;</li> <li>conditions that are associated with hypotension;</li> <li>adrenal insufficiency;</li> <li>autoimmune conditions;</li> <li>multiple sclerosis;</li> <li>diseases of the circulatory system;</li> <li>tuberculous form of meningitis;</li> <li>dermatological pathologies of non-infectious nature;</li> <li>ophthalmic diseases.</li> </ul> <p>In addition, the systemic effect of this product is used to prevent negative reactions during chemotherapy.</p> <figure><img src="/f/ac/f2/acf2c11a2ba693f4e3aaf7afbe376b10.jpg" alt="Hydrocortisone is prescribed to reduce the severity of immune responses."><figcaption>Hydrocortisone is prescribed to reduce the severity of immune responses.</figcaption></figure><h2>Comparison of Hydrocortisone and Dexamethasone</h2> <h3>Similarity</h3> <p>The preparations contain the same active ingredient in their composition, are used in the treatment of similar pathologies and have the same pharmacotherapeutic activity. In addition, they have the same contraindications to use. Among them:</p> <ul> <li>the presence of neglected infections;</li> <li>recently postponed vaccinations;</li> <li>duodenal ulcer and stomach;</li> <li>diverticulitis;</li> <li>immunodeficiency states;</li> <li>hypertension;</li> <li>diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation;</li> <li>osteoporosis.</li> </ul> <p>In pregnancy, medications are prescribed with caution and only for exceptional reasons.</p> <h3>Differences</h3> <p>The drug Dexamethasone has a different chemical formula. Its action is more powerful than that of Hydrocortisone. However, this medication has a larger list of side effects.</p> <p>A feature of Dexamethasone is that it decomposes more slowly than Hydrocortisone and has a longer effect. At the same time, the pharmacological activity of Hydrocarthysone is 25 times less.</p> <h3>What's cheaper</h3> <p>Ointments Dexamethasone and Hydrocortisone have about the same price. Injection solution of the last drug is in the range of 150-170 rubles., Dexamethasone - from 90 to 130 rubles.</p> <h3>Pharmacy sales terms</h3> <p>Dexamethasone is sold in pharmacies by prescription. Ointment Hydrocortisone is released freely, and for the purchase of a medicament in the form of a suspension, you need to present a prescription to a pharmacist.</p> <h2>Which is better: hydrocortisone or dexamethasone</h2> <p>To choose a drug for the treatment of pathology should a specialist. Each of the drugs has its own characteristics of use.</p> <blockquote><p>Dexamethasone is undesirable for long-term therapy, since It adversely affects the state of the adrenal glands. In addition, this medicine does not have a mineralocorticoid effect.</p></blockquote> <p>Hydrocortisone is used for long-term therapy. It is often prescribed for the prevention of complications of adrenal insufficiency. In addition, the medication is used for ambulance in acute conditions. The natural active ingredient does not pose a significant risk during the gestation period.</p> <h2>Opinion of patients</h2> <p>Irina Solomatina, 45 years old, Krasnodar</p> <p>Recently, I developed an allergy, due to which there was swelling under the eyes. The doctor prescribed hydrocortisone for treatment. Ointment promptly relieved inflammation and had no side effects.</p> <p>Anton Ponomarenko, 35 years old, Samara</p> <p>The drug Dexamethasone took my mother to prepare for surgery. She was confronted with a recurrent brain tumor. When the doctor began to inject her with this medicine, her condition immediately improved. The operation went without complications.</p> <h2>Doctors reviews about Hydrocortisone and Dexamethasone</h2> <p>Vasily Alexandrov (therapist), 54 years old, Tver</p> <p>Preparations from the group of glucocorticoids have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. I prescribe them to patients with osteochondrosis. Medicines prevent spasms. However, it is necessary to take into account that maximum efficiency from them can be achieved only with stabilization of blood circulation in problem areas.</p> <p>Andrei Koromyslov (therapist), 55 years old, Ryazan</p> <p>I prescribe the drug Dexamethasone in exceptional situations. It is a powerful analgesic and is excellent for paravertebral block in the absence of efficacy from nonsteroidal agents. However, against the background of its use, adverse reactions often occur, so the treatment regimen must be coordinated with a medical expert.</p> </div></div>
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