<div><div> <p>To eliminate the symptoms of a number of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, de-Nol and Almagel preparations are prescribed. To obtain a high therapeutic effect in the treatment of these drugs, you should consider their features of use.</p> <figure><img src="/f/0b/d6/0bd6eb9594c9f44187bb65283e7181e8.jpg" alt="To eliminate the symptoms of a number of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, prescribe drugs De-Nol and Almagel."><figcaption>To eliminate the symptoms of a number of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, de-Nol and Almagel preparations are prescribed.</figcaption></figure><h2>Can I take De Nol and Almagel at the same time</h2> <p>Although the drugs are analogues in their action, in some cases they are allowed to be simultaneously included in the course of therapy. The active components of the drugs have a good compatibility. But in the course of treatment, one should strictly adhere to all the recommendations of the doctor regarding the administration of the drugs, so as not to reduce their effectiveness.</p> <h2>Pharmacological action of drugs in a pair</h2> <p>The combined use of drugs will help protect the gastrointestinal mucosa from the harmful effects of gastric juice. This is especially important with high acidity.</p> <div> <script async src=""></script> <!-- infoh1 --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:block" data-ad-client="ca-pub-3781984532523932" data-ad-slot="5787601464" data-ad-format="auto" data-full-width-responsive="true"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </div> <p>In the treatment of the active components of drugs provide numerous therapeutic actions:</p> <ul> <li>enveloping;</li> <li>carminative;</li> <li>choleretic;</li> <li>adsorbent;</li> <li>laxative;</li> <li>astringent</li> </ul> <blockquote><p>Drugs adversely affect pathogenic microbes, which makes it possible to obtain an antibacterial effect.</p></blockquote> <p>As a result of the simultaneous administration of drugs, positive changes occur in the patient's condition:</p> <ul> <li>the action of hydrochloric acid is neutralized;</li> <li>decreases the activity of gastric juice;</li> <li>ulcers are scarring;</li> <li>erosive processes in the gastrointestinal tract are eliminated;</li> <li>inflammation decreases.</li> </ul> <figure><img src="/f/42/e2/42e25b7a2c8aa61c8c7e82a325e7df01.jpg" alt="De-nol is often prescribed for acute and chronic gastritis."><figcaption>De-nol is often prescribed for acute and chronic gastritis.</figcaption></figure><p>Under the influence of active ingredients, the removal of toxins and harmful substances from the body is accelerated, and digestion is also improved.</p> <p>Such therapeutic properties of active substances allow the widespread use of drugs for the treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines. Funds are often prescribed in the presence of:</p> <ul> <li>acute and chronic gastritis;</li> <li>functional dyspepsia;</li> <li>duodenitis;</li> <li>gastroduodenitis;</li> <li>exacerbations of gastric and duodenal ulcers;</li> <li>irritable bowel syndrome.</li> </ul> <p>Drugs may be prescribed for lesions of the gastrointestinal mucosa caused by taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.</p> <h2>De-Nol and Almagel regimen together</h2> <p>The interval between the use of medicines should be at least half an hour. In accordance with the instructions, the following rules for taking therapeutic agents should be observed.</p> <blockquote><p>De-Nol is not taken during meals. A temporary pause of 30 minutes is allowed. The medicine is washed down with boiled water. The use of juices and milk is prohibited. The recommended daily dose of the drug is 4 tablets, which are divided into several doses.</p></blockquote> <p>Before taking Almagel vial well shaken. Adults are recommended to use up to 16 h. l medications per day, which are taken in several doses. When treating children under 10 years of age, the daily dose may be 5 hours. l., and at an older age - 10 hours l In most cases, four times a day is prescribed 30 minutes before meals.</p> <p>The duration of therapy is determined by the attending physician, taking into account the diagnosis, the patient's condition and the individual characteristics of the organism.</p> <figure><img src="/f/30/2b/302b179b7f58396de8218b621e2068ed.jpg" alt="Before taking Almagel vial well shaken."><figcaption>Before taking Almagel vial well shaken.</figcaption></figure><h2>Contraindications</h2> <p>For the joint use of drugs there are a number of limitations. Therapy is not carried out in the presence of the following pathological and physiological conditions:</p> <ul> <li>severe renal dysfunction;</li> <li>chronic diarrhea;</li> <li>ulcerative colitis;</li> <li>individual sensitivity to active ingredients;</li> <li>age up to 14 years.</li> </ul> <p>Drugs do not use during pregnancy and lactation.</p> </div></div>
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