ALMAGEL OR PHOSPHOLUGEL: what is better and what is the difference (differences in compositions, doctors' opinions)

For the treatment of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract can be used antacid drugs. So, patients often prescribed Almagel or Fosfalyugel.

For the treatment of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract can be used Almagel or Fosfalyugel
For the treatment of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract can be used Almagel or Fosfalyugel.

Indications for use

Drugs are prescribed for duodenal ulcer and stomach (acute stage), reflux esophagitis, gastritis (with normal or increased production gastric juice), diaphragmatic hernia, duodenitis, symptomatic ulcers of different origin, erosions of the gastrointestinal mucosa, pancreatitis, colitis, enteritis.

Also, drugs are used for gastrointestinal disorders caused by a violation of the diet, smoking, taking medicines (NSAIDs, glucocorticoids), excessive drinking or coffee.

What is the difference between drugs?

Drugs differ in composition, mechanism of action, the effect on the organisms of patients. To make the right choice, you need to study the comparative characteristics of drugs.

Characteristics of active substances

The active component of Almagel is alumin

um hydroxide, which has antacid, coating and adsorbing effect. The substance neutralizes hydrochloric acid, reduces the activity of pepsin and protects the mucous membranes from damaging factors.

The active ingredient of phosphalugel is aluminum phosphate - a component with a coating, adsorbing and acid-neutralizing effect. The substance reduces the activity of pepsin, forms a protective film on the mucous membranes, improves the functioning of the intestines, removes harmful substances (gases, toxins, pathogenic microorganisms).

Phosphalugel reduces pepsin activity, forms a protective film on mucous membranes, improves intestinal function
Phosphalugel reduces the activity of pepsin, forms a protective film on the mucous membranes, improves the bowels.

Which is better: Almagel or Phosphalugel?

The answer to the question which remedy is better depends on the age of the patient, the diagnosis made, the presence of concomitant pathologies. Almagel acts quickly (within 5 minutes), so it is recommended to use it to actively eliminate the symptoms of discomfort and abdominal pain. For long-term therapy, the drug is not suitable, because it impairs the work of the kidneys and liver. You can take it no longer than 14 days.

Phosphalugel has a minimum number of contraindications, is assigned to children (from birth), pregnant and lactating women. You can take it for a long time, because it does not cause calcium deficiency and problems with bones.

Compatibility of Almagel and Phosphalugel

Drugs can be alternated, but using them at the same time is not recommended. This can lead to overdose, the appearance of undesirable reactions.

Dosing and Administration

Almagel is taken half an hour before meals (with a peptic ulcer between meals) and before bedtime. Adult patients are prescribed 1-3 scoops 3-4 times a day. Children from 10 to 15 years old give ½ doses for adults, and children under 10 years old - 1/3 doses. Before taking the suspension is shaken.

Phosphalugel take in pure form or diluted with 200 ml of water. Patients over 6 years old are prescribed 1-2 sachets two to three times a day, children under six months old - 1 hour each. l after each of the 6 feedings, children older than 6 months - 2 hours. l after feedings. The time of taking the drug in adults and children over 6 years of age depends on the existing disease.

special instructions

In the presence of functional disorders with abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, it is recommended to take Almagel A. After improving well-being, you can go to the reception Almagel.

With long-term treatment with Almagel, you need to consume enough phosphorus.
With long-term treatment Almagel need to use a sufficient amount of phosphorus.

With long-term treatment Almagel need to use a sufficient amount of phosphorus. The doctor should be warned about the parallel intake of other drugs. Antacids may interfere with their absorption.

Special instructions for receiving Phosphalugel:

  1. Constipation may occur during therapy. In such cases, you should drink as much water as possible.
  2. The drug can be used in diabetes mellitus, to reduce the absorption of radioactive elements.
  3. Taking the medicine does not affect the results of X-ray examinations.

Pregnancy and lactation

Almagel during pregnancy can be used, but not more than 3 days. Taking the medicine during lactation is prohibited.

Phosphalugel is prescribed to pregnant and lactating women without restriction. The main thing is to use the drug in therapeutic doses.


Giving Almagel newborn children is prohibited. Phosphalugel can be used from birth.

Elderly age

There are no special indications concerning the use of drugs in old age.

Side Effects of Almagel and Phosphalugel

Almagel can cause violations in the digestive tract (nausea, cramps, abdominal pain, constipation, vomiting, taste disturbance), metabolism (hypophosphatemia, hypermagneemia, hypercalciuria), drowsiness, softening of the bones, dementia and swelling of the limbs (in people with chronic renal failure).

The only side effect that occurs when using Phosphalugel is constipation. They are rarely observed, mainly in bedridden patients and the elderly.


Almagel is not prescribed for Alzheimer's disease, marked impaired functioning of the kidneys, breastfeeding, individual intolerance to the components, treatment of newborn children.

Phosphalugel is not used for hypersensitivity, expressed impaired renal function.

Impact on driving

Drugs do not cause side effects from the central nervous system.

Interaction with other drugs

Acceptance of iron preparations, tetracycline antibiotics, cardiac glycosides and some other agents is allowed 2 hours after the use of antacids.

Compatibility with alcohol

Means can be taken to eliminate the effects of alcohol poisoning. However, drinking alcohol during therapy is undesirable.


Receiving antacids in large doses is fraught with depression of gastrointestinal motility. In case of overdose, it may be necessary to prescribe laxatives.

Pharmacy sales terms

Medications are available without a prescription.

Storage conditions

Preparations are kept out of the reach of children. The temperature should not rise above + 25 ° C. Freeze the suspension is prohibited.

Shelf life

The instructions for use indicate that the shelf life of Almagel is 2 years, and Phosphalugel is 3 years.


If the medicine is not suitable for any reason, the patient can be replaced with a similar agent. These include Gastracid, Alumage, Maalukol, Palmagel and Maalox.

Drug price

The cost of Almagel is 140-250 rubles, and its analog is 170-370 rubles.


Ekaterina Yurievna, gastroenterologist, Kursk: “I prescribe drugs for diseases of the stomach and intestines. They quickly eliminate symptoms, improve the condition of the digestive tract and well-being. It is better for children to use Phosphalugel, since it is safer. The same applies to lactating and pregnant patients. "

Georgy, 53 years old, Kaliningrad: “Severe pain in my stomach made me go to a doctor. A survey showed the presence of neglected gastritis. According to the doctor's advice, he took Almagel for 3 weeks. The disease receded almost immediately, but it was not without its side effects. ”

Anastasia, 26 years old, St. Petersburg: “She gave Fosfalyugel to a newborn child with the permission of a pediatrician. The state of health has quickly improved, the daughter stopped crying, she began to wake up less often in the middle of the night ”.

Mikhail, 47 years old, Smolensk: “I accept Almagel in case of peptic ulcer exacerbations. Acts quickly, helps to get rid of discomfort and pain. Phosphalugel never bought, since it costs more. ”

Ludmila, 50 years old, Irkutsk: “I use medications for hypertension. When I started taking Phosphalugel, I noticed that the antihypertensive drugs stopped working. The doctor advised to drink them 2 hours before taking the antacid or 2 hours after it. Now everything is fine. "

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