What should be the diet for atherosclerosis of the vessels of the brain and neck

1 Menu for pathology

Power is the mechanism that acts not so fast as a tablet, but its action is constantly on. Many health problems arise due to improper eating behavior. In atherosclerosis both treatment and prevention largely depend on human nutrition.Drugs will fight the disease, but if the food does not change, the result will be short-lived.

This diet recommends:

  1. Refusal from baking, smoked products and mushrooms.
  2. A good step will be the use of unloading days, which allow the intake of kefir and vegetables.
  3. Moderate amount of fats and carbohydrates
  4. Eat more fiber.Helps to normalize cholesterol.
  5. Decrease or exclusion of refined products.They contribute to atherosclerotic changes in the walls of blood vessels.
  6. Restriction of the use of salt.
  7. Increased consumption of vitamins( preferably vitamins B and C) and minerals( magnesium, potassium).An exception is vitamin D, becauseIt is contraindicated in case of a disease.

For good digestion, you should not eat cold food.This is very important for atherosclerosis, since at low temperatures the absorption of products deteriorates.

2 Cholesterol indicators

Cholesterol is "bad" and "good."This division of cholesterol is not accidental.You can not give it up altogether, it is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D, the work of the immune and nervous systems, the proper work of the adrenal glands.But with the food of cholesterol comes a lot, and it is not possible to expend it with the help of physical exertion for various reasons.

Especially it is necessary to be cautious at an atherosclerosis of a brain and a neck, its or his signs usually are implicitly expressed, and the result there is an unexpected stroke.

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First of all, nutrition with atherosclerosis is aimed at reducing the intake of large amounts of cholesterol.A lot of it in egg yolk and offal, so they are prohibited to eat.There is a lot of it in margarine and refined products, it is also desirable to exclude them from use.

To reduce the intake of fats, it is necessary to reduce the level of consumption of products of animal origin.It is the main supplier of fats to the human body.It is necessary to limit:

  • meat of fatty varieties;
  • butter;
  • cheeses are solid fat;
  • cheese is melted;
  • fatty sour cream;Seasonings and fatty sauces
  • .

Meat is preferably lean, when cooking it is better to boil, and not fry.With poultry it is desirable to remove the skin, it has the most fat.Broths are more useful than secondary ones.Water, which boiled meat, poured and poured fresh, it is believed that the bulk of fat will come out.You can eat rabbit meat and game.

From fat you can eat fatty fish.Polyunsaturated fatty acids positively affect the walls of blood vessels.It is impossible to exclude proteins completely from the diet, because with the fats of animal origin our body receives iron and vitamins of group B.

3 Benefits of Vegetable Nutrition

Nutrition of modern humans, compared to their ancestors, has become more fat, but the calories are being consumed rather slowly.Therefore, the issue of reducing the fat content of food is relevant for everyone, and not just for patients with atherosclerosis.

Protein to the human body is necessary for the growth and recovery of muscles, skin, nails, hair.It is protein that is the source of energy for the body.But it can come from products of plant origin.At least part of the animal proteins from the diet should be replaced with proteins of plant origin.You can fry not in creamy, but in vegetable oil.As dressings for salads, use not sour cream and mayonnaise, but olive oil.


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Picture 3

A lot of protein can be obtained by including in the menu legumes( soy, lentils, beans) and seeds.Products made with legumes are useful.For example, tofu( soy-based cheese) replaces meat well.Many interesting dishes in the menu of Japanese cuisine, there are many options with soy, fish and vegetables.

A good source of protein - nuts and sour cream, as well as fruits, dried fruits and vegetables( potato peel, celery, spinach, broccoli, coconut, prunes, avocado, papaya, banana, kiwi, dried apricots, cherries, cauliflower).

4 Proportion of products

The diet should not be considered as a strict rejection of some products in favor of others.Balanced nutrition is the best diet in the world.

Each product will bring its own benefit, but when eating you need to know the measure.It is wrong to think that only a diet will help, and physical exertion can be left at the level of household chores.

Instead of meat broths, it is good to enter in the menu soups dairy and vegetable.Not all groats are banned.For example, semolina and rice cereals are undesirable, but buckwheat with oatmeal is very useful.

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5 Useful diet In this pathology,In the vessels.They are found in large quantities in broth of wild rose, fruits and vegetables.

Picture 5

Indispensable for atherosclerosis seafood.For example, sea kale( fresh-frozen and dry), scallops, mussels, squid, shrimp.But if there are problems with the digestive tract, then you must be careful, because often for the preservation of seafood is used vinegar.

Useful products with the content of calcium, magnesium and copper.They will help to remove excess cholesterol from the body.

6 Required limitations

The diet for atherosclerosis is not included in the category of the strictest diets, but there are enough restrictions in it.Especially it is necessary to observe a diet with constriction of the vessels of the brain and neck.There are very important streams of blood.First, atherosclerosis affects the vessels of the brain, and then passes to the vessels of the neck, and only then the person starts to worry about various symptoms.

Figure 6

Restrictions apply to fluid intake.It is recommended to drink no more than 1.5 liters per day.It is necessary to observe restrictions in the use of alcoholic products, smoked and pickled products.Harmful with this disease, pork fat, mutton fat, baked pastry, salted fish, smoked with fat sausage.

The diet is not a verdict.Dietary nutrition should not be seen as infringement or inferior.Such a menu( low-fat, mainly vegetable) a hundred years ago was traditional.

Sometimes it is difficult to turn your neck when you have a disease.A diet for atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels can be diversified.For example, the dishes of the Mediterranean diet are excellent, in view of the fact that it uses a lot of greenery and fish.

It's hard to get used to the limitations of certain products, but you can find compromises.For example, to exclude salt from food is very difficult.But in this diet, you can simply nedosalivat ready meals.Do not use the yolk, omelet on some proteins is quite possible to do.In casseroles instead of eggs you can take only protein.If you do not like or tired of boiled meat, then you can bake it in the oven after boiling.

With dietary nutrition, you must observe reasonable moderation in food.Should be eaten in small portions and at least 5 times a day.

Dietary nutrition for atherosclerosis makes the patient feel better, although life complicates.The process of recovery is accelerating.

People prone to such a disease should systematically make unloading days and periodically sit on such a diet.

It is necessary to pay attention to the menu of such a diet for all those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, but love sweet and fat in the diet.

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