The reasons why your eyes hurt when you are actively looking around

1 Pain syndrome

When moving, the eyes can get sick due to colds, sinusitis and swelling of subcutaneous fat.Often this is due to severe headaches.There are also the causes of this process, related directly to the eyes, including:

  • blepharitis;
  • neuritis;
  • myositis;
  • glaucoma.

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In most cases, eyes are sore due to viruses that, when ingested, lead to severe intoxication.The main types of infection include adenovirus.In the absence of timely treatment, it can lead to the development of conjunctivitis or scleritis.The toxins of the virus are capable of provoking the appearance of myalgia, the consequence of which is severe pain in the oculomotor muscles.

Some of the common infections have neurotoxicity.When ingested, they have a negative effect on the nerve endings, including the eyeball.This process is accompanied by unpleasant sensations.Many people note that the pain syndrome appears in the event that you look at one of the parties.

Nasal congestion, fever and other cold symptoms can lead to eye pain.At movement by them there is a strain of muscles which are weakened because of a progressing disease.After recovery, a person's condition returns to normal.If your eyes still hurt, you need to look for the cause in another.

Sinusitis and sinusitis are two major factors affecting the pain syndrome in the nose and eyes. This is due to the close relationship between the sinuses and the orbit.

Sore eyes and with diseases of the thyroid gland.This condition is characterized by an inadequate amount of thyroid hormones.Together with puffiness and pain, body weight increases.As the accompanying symptoms can act dryness of the skin, brittle nails.

If your eyes hurt, you can not rule out the possibility of developing an allergic reaction.However, this condition is characterized by additional signs, in particular, swelling in the throat, swelling and anaphylaxis.

When the eye moves, pain can occur if the person is in a nervous strain.Any turn in them in this case leads to unpleasant sensations.

It is important to monitor the general condition and if you suspect some diseases it is advisable to seek help from a hospital.

2 Additional factors affecting the manifestation of the disease

Eye damage and with improper correction of vision.This is due to an incorrect selection of contact lenses.In this case, the person is exhausted by visual discomfort and noisy.Quite often the pain syndrome becomes pressing or cutting.Why does pain arise in this case?The process is caused by excessive pressure on the orbit.Along with this symptom of a person, the headache also worries.

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Pain syndrome can be associated with visual fatigue.Long and monotonous work often affects the state of vision.In this situation, you need to visit an ophthalmologist.He will appoint the right contact lenses and will advise how to deal with the pain.

Inflammation in the eyes - another reason for the pain syndrome when moving by them.This is due to the close interconnection of the tissues of the organs of vision.In this case, the severity of the pain may be different and depends on the intensity of the inflammatory process.

Often eyes are sore with conjunctivitis, myositis and uveitis.

Foreign body exposure is another common cause of pain syndrome.In this case, the eyes hurt because of the irritation caused by dust, chips, sand and even insects.Irritant affects them negatively, leading to a feeling of rezi.

Inflammation of nerves is caused by a pathological process.More often it develops a complication after a previous cold.In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor so that there is no complaint: "I look - and it hurts."It is necessary to remove the cause of pain.


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