Pressure in pancreatitis( pancreas) - low and high

Pressure in pancreatitis Arterial pressure( BP) is an indicator of how the blood flow inside the artery is exerted by pressure on the walls of the artery.The upper digit of the tonometer captures the systolic index associated with the contraction of the heart muscle.Accordingly, the lower figure reflects the index of a relaxed heart - diastolic.

AD is one of the most important indicators of human health.A deviation from the norm in the direction of increase or decrease is considered an important symptom for establishing a diagnosis, and sometimes serves as a signal for taking urgent measures.For example, with pancreatitis, when inflammation of the pancreas, accompanied by pain shock.


The danger of an acute attack of pancreatitis is that the inflammation in the pancreas develops lightning-fast - for several hours.The process is accompanied by diarrhea, frequent vomiting and severe pain, which sometimes can not be stopped with an anesthetic pill.An unbearable pain can cause a person a pain shock and cause the death of the pati

ent.This often happens in acute pancreatitis

Signs of pain shock for acute pancreatitis

With inflammation of the pancreas, which proceeds in an acute form, the state of shock should be recognized urgently, because it will not be possible to cope with it on its own.Only timely professional help of a doctor can stop irreparable consequences.


The indicator of blood pressure level is one of the main keys to the diagnosis of pain caused by acute inflammation of the pancreas.Because with this form of pancreptit there are always violations of hemodynamics.In the first non-permanent stage, the blood pressure index rises, but the high does not last long.His level is reduced, and then there is a steady hypotension, which doctors call the torpid phase.


This state, depending on the patient's well-being, is divided into three degrees that can flow into each other:

  • The arterial pressure value corresponds to 100-90 millimeters of mercury, which causes a mild tachycardia - the body by frequent heartbeats tries to normalize the pressure in the vessels.There is a weak inhibition and reduced reflexes of the patient.
  • 80 - 90 millimeters of mercury - the index at the second degree of torpid phase of pain shock in acute attack of pancreatitis.The patient has a shallow breathing.
  • At the last stage, the pressure level drops to a critical level of 60-70 millimeters of mercury.The skin pale, the excretory function of the kidneys stops working.If the patient is not helped: infusion of intravenous drugs and solutions that increase blood pressure, supporting cardiac activity and the functions of other organs, as well as relief of intolerable pain caused by acute inflammation in the pancreas, the patient will die.
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