Burning and heaviness in the pancreas in pancreatitis, pulsating, aching

Burning in the pancreas The pancreas is one of the most important internal organs of a person that participates in the digestion process and maintains a balance of glucose level in the bloodstream.Throughout life, this large, second largest liver after the liver is exposed to the negative effects of alcohol, unbalanced nutrition, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastro and hepatoduodenal zone, and many other aggressive factors.What can lead to the disease of the organ, the main symptom of which is pain( acute, throbbing, aching) in the left side?

Doctors do not take into account one of the pain symptoms to find out the cause of the disease.Only a combination of manifesting symptoms will help to establish a correct diagnosis.Therefore, if burning pain in the left side is accompanied by burning sensation, heaviness, pulsation, diarrhea, the doctor is likely to suggest an inflammatory process that began in the pancreas.Pancreatitis is a serious disease that is increasingly common in modern society, affecting the pancreas o

f young men, women, as well as adolescents, school children and young children.


Burning, heaviness, aching pain, ripple in the abdomen - signs of pancreatitis

Pain is an unpleasant sensation that signals abnormalities in the vital activity of the body.The intensity of the manifestation of this sign indicates the scale and location of the focus.Therefore, aching, burning sensations in the left side may be signs of chronic pancreatitis, which is characterized by a languid, prolonged course, with the growth of atrophy in the parenchyma of the pancreas.

It is burning in epigastrium is one of the main symptoms in the diagnosis of chronic inflammation in the pancreas.Such burning pains are sometimes called pancreatic colic.With an attack of pancreatitis, they last for several hours, and several days.The intensity of painful burning depends on the degree of swelling in the gland.


Also, when aching in the abdomen, the patient may feel a pulsation - an impetuous shrinking of the walls of the vessels.Symptom of pulsation in pancreatitis tells of a spasm in the abdomen, formed as a result of inflammation of the pancreas.The abdomen, twisted by spasm, has the ability to clearly transmit the pulsation of the aorta.

However, with a severe form of the disease, when pancreatitis is accompanied by collapse and shock, the reverse effect is observed, called the symptom of Voskresensky - complete absence of pulsation in the aorta of the peritoneum.This is due to the strongest edema of the pancreas.


The feeling of heaviness in the abdomen with pancreatitis is due to a violation of the digestive function due to a decrease in the production of pancreatic juice by the inflamed gland.The slowed down digestive process and the lack of enzymes cause a person's feeling of heaviness in the stomach.The feeling of discomfort and heaviness in the epigastric region is especially evident after a few hours after eating.

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