Catarrhal chronic gastritis, cardia deficiency, acute, atrophic - symptoms, treatment with folk remedies, diet

Catarrhal gastritis The main place among diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is such a disease as gastritis.This disease has many manifestations, and if not treated, it very easily flows from one form to another, bringing with each time more problems and unpleasant feelings to the patient.Most often this disease manifests itself in the catarrhal, or as it is called, alimentary, banal form.

It is very fast and sharp.A few hours are enough for a person affected by any of the unfavorable factors to start the inflammatory process, localized in the mucosa of the main digestive organ, from the irritation that has occurred in it.The first symptoms of catarrhal gastritis have the following symptoms:

  • A slightly unpleasant aftertaste appears in the mouth;
  • In the left hypochondrium there is a feeling of heaviness, salivation increases, until excess saliva flows from the mouth, a constant feeling of nausea and an unpleasant eructation;
  • The manifestations of intoxication occur in the body: general weakness, accompanied by heada
    ches, fever and chills.

The feeling of heaviness in the abdomen with catarrhal gastritis gradually begins to pass into painful sensations, gradually intensifying.Further there is also vomiting, and not only eaten food, but also bile.

Catarrhal acute gastritis

Catarrhal acute gastritis It can be caused more often by gross violations in diet, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, eating dry and overeating, overstrain both physical and psycho-emotional, which always leads to enzymatic breakdown.

Diagnosis of the acute form of catarrhal gastritis does not cause any difficulties.The correct diagnosis helps establish the clinical manifestations that are characteristic of this disease.But for a complete clarification of the stage of development and the appointment of the right treatment, it is necessary to undergo a diagnostic study, the FGDS, which gives the doctor an opportunity to establish an accurate picture of the ongoing disease.

This catarrhal gastritis is very easy to treat, it takes only a few days to stop it and rid the person of the accompanying unpleasant syndromes.But only if the disease is diagnosed correctly, and it is started in a timely manner.

If this does not happen, because the patient for some reason has not consulted a doctor, the disease flows into a harder-to-treat chronic form.It proceeds for decades, changing the state of remission for an exacerbation, usually having a seasonal character.

Running, chronic catarrhal gastritis leads to more serious gastrointestinal diseases, among which there may well be an ulcer, as well as stomach cancer.

Catarrhalic insufficiency of cardia

Inadequacy of the cardia catarrhal gastritis When diagnosis is diagnosed to the patient, for many it is completely incomprehensible, it means that ignoring the treatment of catarrhal acute gastritis has led to the pathology of the digestive organ, which manifested itself in the poor closure of the valve separating the stomach from the esophagus.

In this case, the gastric digestive enzyme that has an acidic medium is thrown into the alkaline or neutral esophagus.This pathology, in the event that it is not treated, can lead to quite serious problems.

The incidence of cardia against catarrhal gastritis contributes to the occurrence of precancerous diseases in humans.Among them, there are often such as intestinal metaplasia or Barrett's syndrome.

In endoscopic examination( FGD), the degree of cardia deficiency can be assessed quite easily.There are 3 types of it:

  • The closing of the valve separating the esophagus and stomach does not exceed 1/3 of the diameter for deep breathing.The main sign of a patient with a catarrhal form of gastritis is expressed in a frequent eructation of air;
  • The glow when the valve is not closed makes up slightly more than half of the inlet, the frequency of the burps increases significantly;
  • The glow of the cardiac sphincter in the digestive organs is complete, signs of esophagitis begin to appear.

This pathological process can not be ignored in any case, otherwise it will eventually lead to the formation of malignant neoplasms that appear against the background of degeneration in the mucosa of epithelial tissue.But first of all you should pay attention to the treatment of catarrhal gastritis.

Diffuse and atrophic forms of catarrhal gastritis

Atrophic catarrhal gastritis Surface, catarrhal gastritis and mucosal lesions are distinguished.Most often, diffuse( with the inflammatory process affects the entire area of ​​the epithelium of the stomach), and atrophic( a violation in the gastric casings of regenerative abilities, accompanied by the onset of atrophy of the glands and the breakdown of the incretory and motor functions).

Symptoms in these forms of the disease in their common manifestations are similar.Therefore, in order to determine the most accurate type of gastritis present in a person and to prescribe the most appropriate treatment, one should rely not only on visual examination, the results of general tests and patient complaints, but also to conduct a diagnostic study that can reveal even the slightest nuances of catarrhal gastritis.

In order to completely get rid of this disease, complex therapy should be used, in addition to the medicamentous methods, a special diet and exercise therapy are mandatory.A very good effect in the removal of unpleasant symptoms and gives the use of traditional medicine.

Diet and folk remedies - hope for a speedy recovery

Diet for catarrhal gastritis Milk porridges from various cereals, vegetable grinded soups and low-acid milk drinks are the most preferred for this disease.Meat and fish in this disease should only eat low-fat varieties, and from smoked, spicy, pickled products should be completely abandoned.

In case of aggravation of painful symptoms, as well as the occurrence of vomiting, the easiest way is to use proven herbal decoctions and infusions, so as not to irritate the gastric mucosa with aggressive medications.

Very effective for the prevention of disease honey, propolis, potato juice, oats and wheat.But before using them in any case, you should consult a doctor in order not to cause additional harm to the body.

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