Inflammation of gastritis - symptoms, treatment, diet

Inflammation of gastritis Inflammation of gastritis usually begins on a background of constant stresses, malnutrition or due to alcohol abuse.The cause of its occurrence is the bacterium helicobacter pilori, which leads to the development of an inflammatory process in the gastric mucosa.Also cause inflammation may be medications that are taken for a long time, and smoking.

Symptoms for inflammation of gastritis

Symptoms of inflammation of gastritis Symptoms associated with inflammation of gastritis depend on the form of the disease.If this is an acute gastritis, the patient has burning pain in the upper abdominal region, dizziness and nausea start, vomiting may open.In this condition, urgent hospitalization is required.

The chronic form of the disease, most often, develops as an independent disease, but sometimes it can appear after suffering an acute gastritis.Symptoms of chronic gastritis are less pronounced, and are manifested in the form of periodic pain in the stomach in the morning on an empty stomach or at night.After eating, the pain passes.Chronic form

occurs with relapses and is sometimes complicated by gastric bleeding or ulcers, and also in some cases contributes to stomach cancer.

A characteristic sign for inflammation of gastritis is heartburn and eructation.They may also be concerned about increased gas production, poor appetite and a feeling of overcrowding after eating.


Treatment for inflammation of gastritis

Treatment of inflammation of gastritis During an exacerbation, treatment with inflammation of gastritis consists in rinsing the stomach with saline, followed by forced vomiting until clean water is obtained.Therefore, the patient must be hospitalized in the hospital.

For the first day, a hunger diet is appointed, which consists only of warm drinking: a decoction of chamomile, tea, rose hips, mineral still water, etc.Then you need to maintain a gentle diet, with light foods that do not cause irritation to the gastric mucosa.These include mashed cereal, mucous soups, jelly and others.In the case of severe vomiting or nausea, appoint Tserorukal or Motilium.Strong painful sensations are removed by Papaverin or Platyphylline.

If there is severe toxic infection, antibiotic therapy is performed.With an allergic gastritis, an elimination diet is prescribed.


Chronic gastritis is treated with anti-Helicobacter therapy, including antibiotics( Clarithromycin).With normal or increased acidity of the stomach used drugs to reduce secretion( omeprazole).Reduced acidity is treated with substitution therapy with the use of gastric juice and polyenzymatic drugs( Penzital).

Diet for inflammation of gastritis

Diet with inflammation of gastritis An essential part of complex treatment for inflammation of gastritis is a proper diet.The most common diet is number 1.Food should not be too hot or cold, for consistency to be liquid or semi-liquid.Products can be boiled, baked or steamed, but not fried.

Main power rule:

  1. balanced diet;
  2. limit the amount of salt;
  3. fluid per day from 1200 to 1800 ml.

It is recommended to use such products:

  • milk soup;
  • vegetable soup;
  • biscuit cookies;
  • nonfat fish;
  • dairy products;
  • compote, kissel;
  • eggs soft-boiled;
  • curd;
  • boiled fruits and vegetables.

Prohibited products:

  • beans;
  • macaroni;
  • juice;Fatty meat and fish
  • ;
  • sour kefir;
  • fizzy drinks.

In the remission phase, diet No. 15 is applied, which is as close as possible to a healthy diet.

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