Can you eat bananas with gastritis?

Bananas with gastritis Can bananas be given with gastritis?To judge is very difficult indeed.Each person has an individual organism and, if someone does not go to the fact that he will go to another.But do not be bad.After all, there is a lot of good and useful in this fruit.Learning about their useful properties, everyone for himself will draw conclusions to eat these fruits or not.

Bananas are famous for that, getting into the stomach, they envelop the mucous, thereby protecting it from damage by stiff food or gastric juice.This is an incomparable and visible plus in the case of gastritis.After all, the main problem at this moment is the inflamed mucous membrane.Further, it is also known that they contain vitamin E, in another way tocopherol.It in turn promotes the renewal of the epithelium.Again, a big fat is just a plus.The formation of a new epithelium on the walls of the stomach will contribute to rapid mucosal neoplasm, heal wounds and accelerate recovery.And this, at least the absence of ulcers is ensured.Having such

evidence, we can safely say that bananas are an immaculate product that can be used to treat many diseases of the digestive system.As a preventive measure, he has no price at all.But is everything so transparent and useful?Is it so perfect and there are no pitfalls?The study continues. ..


Bananas in folk medicine for gastritis

Bananas can be given with gastritis Followers of traditional medicine simply could not miss this fruit.With the help of them, they try to treat diseases and use them as prevention.For prevention, it is recommended to eat one banana on an empty stomach.Thus, it protects the mucous membrane and does not let it get damaged.This is especially important in conditions of high acidity.

During an exacerbation of a gastritis the person is under rigid self-checking, tries to observe a strict diet on a maximum, and, means, all the allowed vegetables and fruits should be subjected to thermal processing.And in this case, again, lucky.Banana can be taken with pure gastritis without any treatment.And, it means that one can completely replace all these baked fruits and enjoy freshness and natural taste.And, besides, the banana is famous for its calorie content.It has enough calories to charge the body with energy.Another constant plus is the availability of catecholamines, which provide this fruit with dietary properties in diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Effect of bananas on gastritis

Can you eat bananas with gastritis? In addition, bananas have a good laxative effect.All this, in combination, will speed up the process of digestion and passage of food.In this case, there will be no mechanical damage.In fact all mucous will be under reliable protection, by means of a film created by them.


Bananas can be eaten with gastritis.Most likely, everyone was convinced of this.After all, all the facts are not fictional.They are obtained as a result of long research by specialists.It is simply impossible to challenge them.In addition, it does not matter what kind of gastritis you have.In this fruit there are substances such as tryptophan amino acids, which, when ingested, become serotonin.Therefore, even with hemorrhagic gastritis, they are useful.Hemorrhagic form is a hemorrhage in the stomach.

Serotonin is also useful because it improves blood coagulability, and, therefore, with bleeding, bananas are very useful.Vitamins A and E strengthen the walls of the vessels and are the best in preventing bleeding.


Eat bananas all - and patients with gastritis, and healthy people.Your vessels will get stronger, the inflammation will not arise, and, if already exists, it will heal and relieve of many inconveniences.

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