Can I drink cocoa with gastritis?

Cocoa with gastritis Reply to the poll whether it is possible to drink cocoa with gastritis, it is quite difficult.On the one hand, this drink has unique healing properties, on the other, there are no direct contraindications to the use of this invigorating drink in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Therefore, to include an invigorating drink in a diet or not to include, it is better to decide with the attending physician gastroenterologist.And here's why:

  • You can drink cocoa with gastritis in a small amount, brewing a drink on milk.Both ingredients contain proteins that are the building blocks for the human body.The damaged gastric mucosa most of all needs them, hence from this point of view cocoa with gastritis could be useful.But, the described drink is a high-calorie product( in 100 grams of 889 calories), and this is a big load on the sick stomach.
  • In addition to proteins, the composition of the powder includes polysaccharides, starch, tannins and organic acids, which can lead to increased secretion of gastric
    juice.It follows that with cocoa gastritis you can drink only with a decreased secretion of hydrochloric acid.
  • In soluble powder, many flavors and dyes, preservatives and other chemicals, the use of which with gastritis is strictly prohibited.

Can I have cocoa with gastritis?

With cocoa gastritis, you can It is not necessary to list all useful properties of a drink.Let's just say one thing - not so long ago, scientists at the University of Münster found in the composition of a powder loved by everyone a special substance - cocohil.Detailed studies have shown that it activates cell growth, heals any wounds, significantly reduces the risk of ulceration.From this position cocoa with gastritis can be useful.


Swiss scientists draw attention to the fact that cocoa beans contain biologically active substances that prevent the adhesion of platelets.Therefore in Switzerland it is called sweet aspirin.


And yet, in its composition in large quantities contains the hormone of happiness - endorphin.Drinking a cup of drink is able to give energy for the whole day, to improve the mood, which in itself can become a fertile ground for a speedy recovery.

To drink cocoa with gastritis or not to do this - it is necessary to decide together with the gastroenterologist.But in any case, you should not abuse the drink.

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