Diet with gastritis for weight loss, how to lose weight?

Diet for gastritis for weight loss The creation of a diet menu for those with gastritis who want to lose weight requires a special approach to choosing products for it.The dietician should take into account the specificity of the gastrointestinal function of the gastrointestinal department and remember that their diet should consist only of those nutritional elements that do not irritate the gastric mucosa and do not interfere with the qualitative metabolism.

Since a patient with gastritis can not lose weight too quickly, their diet should be balanced so that carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are equally included.For a full-fledged provision of a slimming body with carbohydrates, the patient's diet includes various cereals, vegetables and fruits.As nutritionists, nutritionists recommend the use of vegetable oils, which contain the required vitamin gastric acid, which is weakened by gastritis. As for proteins, their deficiency in the body of a slimming patient is perfectly replenished with meat, curd and fish products.


All meals, which are prepared for the diet menu of the patient with gastritis, should have the optimum temperature.Moreover, a diet with gastritis for weight loss gives a positive effect only if the food is cooked either on a steam or in the oven.In the first month, it is recommended not to limit yourself too much in food.Better to reduce portions gradually, and in the process of eating very carefully chew food.Such an approach will allow a patient with gastritis to avoid increased stress on the stomach and, at the same time, gradually reduce his body weight.

How to lose weight with gastritis?

How to lose weight with gastritis? Any person suffering from gastritis and wanting to lose weight should remember that the process of losing weight in his case will take at least 5-6 months.In general, experienced gastroenterologists do not recommend dieting to patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but with a properly composed diet menu, the risk of undesirable effects on the gastric mucosa can be minimized.


Dietary diet for chronic gastritis should consist only of those products, the use of which does not damage the patient's stomach.Best of all, the weakened body will digest the cooked food and food, which is cooked for a couple.In addition, it is recommended to complement the dishes with various salads from fresh vegetables.With such a diet, a patient can not only gradually lose weight, but also maintain his body in proper tone.

The process of losing weight to a person suffering from diseases of the digestive tract is somewhat different from the process of losing weight to a healthy person.When gastritis is prohibited the use of spicy and fatty foods.Experts recommend that their patients adhere to such a diet, the composition of which will not create an excessive burden on the weakened stomach.Reduce portions should be gradual, so that the human body does not experience special stresses and could get out of the usual volume of food coming into it.


Many professional nutritionists recommend the inclusion in a balanced dietary diet menu for a complex of carefully selected vitamins that contribute to a better digestion process and improve the vitality of the patient with gastritis.So, for example, vitamin E perfectly protects the mucous membrane from the effects of harmful acids on it, which will allow a person with a sick stomach to lose weight and not expose themselves to all sorts of risks associated with deterioration of the general condition of the body.

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