Diffuse superficial gastritis and its treatment

Diffuse superficial gastritis With our accelerated rhythm of life, diffuse superficial gastritis has become such a disease that occurs very often and has nothing to do with either sex or age of the patient.Any person can get sick without exception.

This is due to the rapid pace of modern life, in which most people often do not have a couple of minutes in order to have a normal lunch or breakfast.In addition, most of the products we use for their quality characteristics leave much to be desired.

This is especially true for semi-finished products, which we are increasingly using in food because of the constant shortage of time.And in fact their structure includes a huge quantity of preservatives intended for increase in term of storage of a product and promoting development of a diffusive superficial gastritis.


What is the expression of diffuse superficial gastritis?

Diffuse superficial gastritis Specific feature of this type of disease is the degree of its spread.Diffuse superficial gastritis differs from other forms in that it causes inflammatory lesions t

o affect the entire epithelium of the mucous membrane of the digestive organ, and the ability to regenerate is disrupted.

This disease, despite its seeming simplicity, is serious enough.If you do not pay attention to it and do not start timely treatment of diffuse superficial gastritis, the risk of cancer in the digestive tract, as well as stomach ulcers, is very high.Also, in the absence of this, the untreated inflamed cells of the mucosa begin to atrophy with time, while the glandular and epithelial cells die, and in their place a fibrous tissue is formed.

Diffuse superficial gastritis has such symptoms, which can be present in other types of gastritis.But they are manifested not only together.Often, the disease is accompanied only by some of them.Among these signs the following are most often manifested:

  • Pain sensations, which initially occur very rarely and for a short time.But the more diffuse superficial gastritis progresses, the more intense they become and begin to occur more and more, significantly worsening the life of the sick person.They are manifested most often after eating, but it is possible that the appearance at any other time of the day;
  • Nausea, resulting in vomiting, also accompanies this disease.As a rule, after the stomach is cleared of the contents, the patients are greatly relieved;
  • Often diffuse superficial gastritis accompanies and significant weight loss, as the inflammatory process occurring in the mucous membrane is accompanied by a deterioration in the working functions of not only the stomach, but the whole gastrointestinal tract as a whole.

If these symptoms occur, you should begin immediate treatment, which after the mandatory diagnosis will appoint a doctor.

Causes that can cause diffuse superficial gastritis

Diffuse superficial gastritis There are several reasons for this form of the disease and they are similar to all other types of gastritis:

  • Stress and chronic fatigue caused by a lifestyle or unfavorable working conditions;
  • Dysfunction in diet, as well as excess in the consumed products of chemicals and preservatives;
  • Presence of pernicious habits, which include alcohol and smoking;
  • Infection with such a dangerous bacterium as Helicobacter pylori.

Methods used in the treatment of diffuse superficial gastritis

Treatment of diffuse superficial gastritis In order to completely get rid of this unpleasant disease, one should fully adhere to the doctor's recommendations and apply not only drug therapy, but also pay special attention to a special diet, as well as physical exercises.Only in this case, you can permanently get rid of the appearance of unpleasant symptoms of diffuse superficial gastritis.

During the periods of remission, traditional medicine is very good for effective prevention of the disease.They are also used to relieve acute symptoms to protect the body from excessive exposure to strong medications.

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