Potatoes with gastritis, can potatoes be mashed?

Potato with gastritis Doing the diet menu, patients suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, want to know whether it is possible to eat potatoes with gastritis?This vegetable is traditionally one of the most important in our country.Many do not represent their lives without it, so the question is still relevant.Gastroenterologists advise not to abuse potatoes during treatment.They pay attention to the fact that you can eat mashed potatoes with gastritis, vegetable and meat soups and simple boiled potatoes, but the diet menu should not consist only of these dishes.When cooking tubers water should be poured a little.It should cover them all by 1.5-2 cm. With more water, all useful trace elements break up much faster.

Puree with gastritis is prepared with a minimum amount of salt.To enhance the taste in it, you can add a little hot milk.There is a dish better in a warm form.To make mashed potatoes, you must choose a ripe pink potato.Tubers with green peel can not be eaten.Green indicates a high concentration of so

lanine, a plant poison that can provoke severe poisoning.Its symptoms are similar to the symptoms of gastritis: the patient appears nausea, heaviness in the epigastric region, opens strong vomiting, the stomach begins to ache strongly.Pain appears in the head, causing dizziness.Therefore, it's worth to be careful when buying.

In the presence of increased secretion with gastritis, raw potatoes are very useful.It is rubbed on a grater and juice is prepared.Such a medicine in our great-grandmothers was the only salvation from the disease.Modern official medicine also recognizes the healing properties of such a drink.But in order for the treatment to be effective, potato juice must be taken, following certain rules.Let us dwell on them in more detail.


How to cook and drink potato juice

Potato with gastritis Of course, raw potatoes with gastritis are not a panacea, and you should not give up medication.But the described folk remedy can accelerate the process of recovery, so it is often included in the basic scheme of complex treatment.

Why is so useful raw potatoes for gastritis?Its composition is unique.It contains starch, proteins and fats, vitamins, dietary fibers and organic acids, minerals, carotene and pectin substances, so potato juice has anti-inflammatory, wound healing, fortifying and diuretic effects.

It improves the evacuation and motor functions of the stomach, relieves heartburn, nausea and pain in the epigastric region, but only if properly prepared and consumed.Here is the simplest recipe:

  1. The tubers are thoroughly washed with hot water and a brush.
  2. Then they are rubbed on a large grater.
  3. The resulting gruel is folded into gauze, folded in several layers, and with it the juice is squeezed out.
  4. Obtained liquid must be drunk immediately and do not leave juice for future use.The fact that in the light of the drink quickly darkens and loses its healing properties.
  5. To improve the taste, you can add a spoonful of honey.
  6. Sometimes doctors recommend to warm up potato juice before use.You can do this using a water bath.

Crude potatoes with gastritis with high acidity are taken as follows: start taking with one tablespoon, 40 minutes before meals 2-3 times a day.Gradually this rate increases and is brought to 100 gr.At one time.After drinking juice gastroenterologists advise to lie down for 30 minutes.During this time, all the painful symptoms must pass.

The course duration is 10 days.Then there is a break for two weeks, and then the course of treatment resumes.


Is it possible for a gastritis potato? Please note!Raw potatoes with gastritis are very useful.Considering the presence of autumn-spring exacerbations, it is useful at this time of year to conduct a two-week preventive drink( about a quarter cup two times a day forty minutes before eating).In potato juice contains a large number of substances that can destroy tooth enamel, so you need to drink it only through the tube and very quickly.

When asked if it is possible to treat potato with gastritis, gastroenterologists vote in favor of the described vegetable and warn that only raw juice is useful in its raw form, it is better to cook puree for food.

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