Droppers and injections for gastritis

Droppers with gastritis Pain in gastritis occurs due to the aggressive influence of gastric juice on the inflamed parts of the mucous membrane or as a result of spasms.Taking medication in tablets can further exacerbate the irritation of the gastric tissues, so when a severe form of the disease often prescribed droppers and injections.

In the case of severe intoxication, the development of persistent diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration of the body, droppers with a 5% glucose solution with ascorbic acid and B vitamins and saline solutions are used.

In the most dangerous cases with gastritis, a subcutaneous injection through a dropper of 0.85% sodium chloride solution, the volume of which sometimes reaches 2 liters, is practiced.Salt in such cases causes a laxative effect.


After rinsing the stomach eliminate acute manifestations of the disease, you should ensure a state of rest and a plentiful drink, which sometimes is not enough.In such cases, droppers with water and 5% glucose solution are used.

With the development of a

phlegmonous form of inflammation, antibacterial therapy with the administration of significant doses of antibiotics is prescribed.The use of droppers with gastritis reduces the likelihood of repeated damage to the stomach with large doses of drugs.

Injections from gastritis

Injections from gastritis With unbearable painful sensations with gastritis, injections of antispasmodics and anesthetics are used.It can be No-Shpa, Cerukal, Atropin and other potent drugs.

In the chronic course of the disease, usually in winter or spring, when the body is most weakened, it is recommended to hold 3-4 weeks of courses of vitamin therapy.To accelerate the healing process of the mucosa, drugs that increase microcirculation in the stomach tissues and have a restoring effect are used.These include B vitamins, Solcoseryl and aloe extract, prescribed in the form of injections.


It is known that atrophic gastritis often reduces gastric motility.Intramuscular injection of solcoseryl for 20 days improves the permeability of food through the stomach.

With gastritis accompanied by acute heart failure, gastric lavage can not be done.In this case, appoint injections that relieve spasms and pain( Analgin, Baralgin, Spazmalgon).In acute vascular problems, analeptics are used( caffeine, cordiamin).

Treatment of gastritis with injections and droppers should be performed in a stationary setting.

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