Gastritis in adolescents - symptoms( signs) and treatment

Gastritis in adolescents Nowadays adults, teenagers, and children suffer from gastritis.All of them are united by one - wrong nutrition, which causes the appearance of ailment.Since teenagers often eat improperly, eat fast food on the street, buy themselves chips, crackers, chewing gum, chocolates, carbonated drinks, and also start smoking and drinking at an early age - all these reasons give the ground for the development of gastritis.As a result of the disease - inflammation of the digestive system, ulcers may appear, and even oncology.Therefore, time with treatment is contraindicated.

Signs of gastritis in adolescents

Symptoms of gastritis in adolescents It is not difficult to recognize ailment, it has a number of known symptoms.Gastritis in adolescents is manifested as follows:

  • acute pain in the upper abdomen( pain in the stomach);
  • heartburn, often marked by its appearance at physical exertion;
  • severe heaviness in the stomach after eating;
  • burp, which is accompanied by an unpleasant odor from the mouth;
  • nausea and profuse vomiting;
  • high salivation, or vice versa, dry mouth;
  • often there are problems with digestion - constipation or indigestion;
  • parents may notice such signs of gastritis in adolescents - pale skin, light coating on the tongue and stuff;
  • is often lack of appetite;
  • general weakness of the body, frequent dizziness, fever, low blood pressure, sometimes headache.

Treatment of gastritis in adolescents

Gastritis in adolescents treatment In order to cure the disease, to get rid of symptoms and signs, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of its appearance, which means that parents of adolescents need to pay attention to the diet of children.The first thing you should do is adjust the daily menu and put the patient on a special diet.The rules for healthy nutrition are as follows:


The first - the fractionality, portioning and regularity of meals.Portions should be small, there is a need for five times a day at the same time.This will activate the work of the digestive tract.

The second - all products used, should be quality, fresh and useful.You can not use sharp, salty, fatty, smoked products and flour products when treating gastritis.

Third - it is necessary to expose the products to heat treatment.All dishes should be in mush, liquid or soft form.


Fourth - the menu for a teenager should be diverse.Since it is a growing organism, it needs protein food, fiber, a variety of vitamins and trace elements.

And the fifth rule, says that it is necessary to very diligently and strictly observe the diet, especially in the first two weeks.

Before starting a diet with gastritis, it is necessary to rinse the stomach.This can be done with a probe.At home, you can achieve the result due to the repeated use of clean water in large quantities, followed by vomiting.


Medicines recommended by gastroenterologists are divided into groups:

  1. Sorbents: activated carbon, Smecta, Enterosgel, etc.
  2. Enzyme medications: Mezim, Festal, etc.
  3. Gastrocytoprotective drugs.This includes: Almagel, Fosfalugel, etc.
  4. If a teenager is troubled by strong, aching pain in the stomach, you can take No-shpu, Riabal and other pain medications.

It is worth recalling that before starting treatment for gastritis in adolescents you need to undergo a complete examination with your doctor and consult with him about the chosen diet.It is he who will give valuable recommendations that will help to overcome unpleasant symptoms, signs, and the disease itself.

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