Symptoms of stomach gastritis in adults, signs, treatment

Symptoms of gastritis in adults Gastritis in adults has a wide variety of symptoms, and can also exist without symptoms at all.The most characteristic symptom is pain in the upper abdomen, which is aggravated after eating, drinking or medication.In particular, this applies to drugs that have an increased aggressive effect on the gastric shell.Sometimes the pain increases in the intervals between meals.

Also important, but not so permanent signs of gastritis in adults is the presence of heartburn, vomiting, and eructation.Sometimes there is bloating and increased gas formation.Also, the disease manifests as bouts of pain immediately after eating, medicines, acid liquids, as well as other aggressive substances.

Signs of the chronic form of the disease are much more difficult to determine.For a long period of time, the symptoms of chronic gastritis are only irregular stools, plaque on the tongue, fast fatigue, rumbling, as well as flatulence, rarely arising disorders of the stool.


An easy form of chronic inflammation of the gastric

mucosa in adults can be characterized only by stool disorders, while the severe form of this ailment is also characterized by anemia, a bad odor from the oral cavity, a feeling of cold sweating and increased peristalsis.

Treatment of gastritis in adults necessarily includes diet, medication and the use of medicinal herbs.These procedures are prescribed by the gastroenterologist depending on the acidity, since the acidity must be taken into account.


Gastritis: symptoms with different acidity

Treatment of gastritis in adults The most common signs of inflammation of the gastric mucosa with high acidity, in addition to general symptoms( nausea and vomiting) are prolonged pain in the upper part of the stomach, which disappear after eating.And also frequent disorders of the stool, a feeling of heartburn after the use of acidic foods and frequent eructations.

The most frequent symptoms of gastritis with reduced or zero acidity in adults are a frequent unpleasant sensation in the oral cavity, a feeling of heaviness after eating and a burpiness is rotten.In addition, rumbling in the abdomen, nausea from the morning, problems with the regularity of bowel movement, a terrible smell from the mouth are often manifested.

Gastritis in adults: symptoms during an exacerbation

Signs of gastritis in adults The aggravation or recurrence of a chronic form of gastritis can be characterized by a variety of symptoms.The most characteristic symptoms for this condition are stable or periodic pain in the upper abdomen, which are worse after eating, or, conversely, during prolonged fasting.Also should be mentioned belching, burning in the chest, heartburn after eating, a taste of metal in the oral cavity and nausea.Sometimes, adults may also have symptoms such as morning vomiting, which has a sour taste, or vomiting with bile, increased salivation, persistent thirst, apathy, dizziness, headaches and stool disorders.


With regard to the symptoms of exacerbation of such severe forms of gastritis in adults, such as erosive gastritis, the symptoms of exacerbation described above are often supplemented by gastric bleeding, black feces, often with bloody patches.It is also possible to vomit with blood clots, sometimes even vomiting with dark contents.As a rule, without external manifestations, gastric bleeding can be determined exclusively in the laboratory.With massive internal bleeding, there are dizziness, tinnitus, pale skin, and mucous membranes, which is easy to determine by the color of the eye sclera.Treatment of this form of gastritis in adults should be urgent and under the strict supervision of a specialist, and in most cases in conditions of inpatient treatment.

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