Whether there is a temperature at a gastritis of a stomach, whether there is an increase up to 37-38 at the child?

As a rule, gastritis is an ailment that complicates the life of many people, not only adults, but even children.Unfortunately, the temperature is one of the most rare symptoms in inflammation of the gastric mucosa.However, due to the fact that patients with any gastrointestinal illnesses are not advised to take medications that lower the temperature, due to the fact that complications can occur because of them.That is, the temperature that has arisen against the background of gastritis, is knocked down by other methods.

Why is the temperature with gastritis?

Temperature with gastritis Everything is connected with the fact that this symptom, as a rule, indicates the intensification of inflammatory processes.Often the reasons for the fact that the body temperature rises with gastritis, both in the adult and in the child, are the following factors.First of all, this is the penetration of infections into the mucous membrane of the stomach in connection with harmful microorganisms.On the other hand, food poisoning can have a certai

n effect.It is much worse if other diseases occur, such as, for example, dysentery or typhoid fever.All this is very unwholesome for your body.It should also be noted that bad habits such as smoking and alcohol can be detrimental to your condition.Note that alcohol is extremely dangerous and contraindicated.

There are cases when the temperature rises due to the formation in the gastric mucosa of bleeding ulcers.First of all, check if there are small amounts of blood in the vomit.The rise in temperature with gastritis up to 37-38 degrees necessarily indicates that this is a bright exacerbation of the disease!This means that even if it is just above 37, you need to see a doctor.

In addition, you should know that the acute form of gastritis almost always occurs suddenly and develops rapidly.As a rule, besides the increase in body temperature, there are more vivid symptoms.For example, the patient has an intolerable and prolonged pain in the abdomen.Among other things, this disease is also characterized by a white or yellow coating on the tongue.

At the end of the meal, it is quite possible for heartburn, nausea, and vomiting.Parents should be especially careful if they see such symptoms in their child, and, the smaller the child, the more dangerous for him these signs.The patient may also feel a certain sensation of opening the stomach.Also often there is an eructation, plentiful salivation, and in some cases on the contrary dryness in a mouth.But these manifestations can both manifest themselves at once, both one by one and completely absent.

These manifestations refer specifically to the acute form of gastritis.However, if the temperature is not 37-38 ° C, but higher, up to 39 ° C - then probably the cause of this phenomenon is an infection!

Is there an increase in temperature with chronic gastritis?No.As a rule, it does not rise.However, if the patient feels a chill, as well as an aching in the body, then most likely the fever is a symptom of some other disease, not associated with gastritis.

In any scenario, the temperature rises only if an acute inflammatory process appears in the body.It happens, of course, that this is a common cold, but if there are no signs of a cold, and the temperature is high, then this is a serious reason to consult a doctor!In addition, you should not do self-medication at all!After all, most likely, your condition will worsen and can lead to a peptic ulcer.

How to treat temperature with gastritis?

Is there a temperature with gastritis? In any case, with gastritis, it is better to drink tea with raspberries and / or lemon, as well as honey and other traditional medicines.In turn, modern drugs can not always be safe for your health.That is why qualified specialists, as a rule, prescribe exactly folk remedies, if they learn that the patient has gastritis.It is extremely important to realize that medications can damage the stomach.Of course, it happens that the drugs help painlessly, but this, unfortunately, is rare.Sometimes the degree of the body does not increase, but the pain intensifies.Is there a need to go to the doctor?Of course have!If you do not contact a doctor, it is quite possible that the disease will develop to the state of stomach ulcers.

It should be known that a patient with a gastritis happens that the acidity rises, and maybe - goes down.This must necessarily be taken into account when selecting traditional remedies.If the acidity is elevated - it is contraindicated, for example, a lemon, but if the acidity is lower - then you should not use honey at all.And this is just a small example.Just remember that it is necessary to see a doctor if the temperature rises with gastritis!

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