Gastritis - do they die from him, how much do they live with him?

How many live with a gastritis? Despite the fact that the question of how many live with gastritis, doctors are asked very often, a specific figure, how many years you can live with such a disease, can not be called.In many respects the reason for this is the presence of many forms and varieties in which the manifestation of symptoms and the course of the disease can be very different.

However, it should be noted that the vast majority of people who ask this question, mean the most common chronic form of the disease caused by infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.In this case it will be true to say that you can live with gastritis for a long time.Strictly speaking, it can not affect the life expectancy at all - more than half of the inhabitants of Helicobacter pylori are carriers, and not all have symptoms of the disease.Many carriers of these bacteria live for many years, without even suspecting the presence of its pathogen in its organism.


But all this does not apply to acute forms of the disease.In the absence of ad

equate and rapid medical care, death from acute gastritis can occur very quickly - literally within a few minutes.However, its acute form never arises without serious reasons, and its development is most often provoked by unforeseen injuries, poisonings and other strong negative influences from the outside.

Do they die of gastritis?

Are they dying of gastritis? Due to its high prevalence, many are interested in the question - is it possible to die from gastritis?Despite the positive predictions for almost every case, it is worth stating a fact - sometimes this happens.True, as already mentioned above, this applies primarily to acute forms, especially to the most severe types - corrosive and phlegmonous.


Of course, death can happen because of the chronic subspecies of the disease, if you seriously start its process.For example, a chronic atrophic species of it can lead to the degeneration of inflamed tissue into a malignant tumor.However, even in this case, the immediate cause of death will be cancer.


In general, it can be concluded that although or die from a gastritis one way or another, death happens very rarely from a chronic form, even if atrophy of stomach tissues is observed.It should be remembered that at first glance, harmless bacteria Helicobacter pylori can contribute to the development of serious complications.So, infection with Helicobacter can lead to duodenitis, ulcers, and even such diseases with unfavorable prognosis, like lymphoma and stomach cancer.

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