Gourd at a gastritis, whether it is possible pumpkin juice?

Pumpkin with gastritis In this article, we will tell you whether a pumpkin is useful for gastritis, whether it can be included in the menu of a therapeutic diet.This berry is significantly different from its counterparts.Its pulp has a more delicate structure, it contains a small amount of fiber( only two grams per hundred grams of product), so dishes made from it are very quickly and well absorbed by the stomach.And that means they can be included in the diet menu, but with a big caveat.

Pumpkin fruit contains everything: vitamins, minerals, and special biologically active substances.The content of pectin in it is five times larger than in the same carrots, so the flesh of the fruit, getting into the body, forms a bond of components that bind free radicals and promote the removal of toxins from the body.In parallel with this, cholesterol is actively excreted, so a multifaceted purification is performed.


Pulp is almost completely absorbed by the stomach, it does not damage its walls, does not have any load on them, so it

gives the inflammation gradually subside.Correctly cooked berry, getting inside the hollow organ, forms an alkaline environment that neutralizes hydrochloric acid.Therefore, the pumpkin with gastritis, which occurs against a background of reduced secretion, is not used.

If the patient is worried about chronic gastritis, in which excessive production of hydrochloric acid is observed, the diet should be gentle.Gastroenterologists advise to actively use pumpkin in the diet, but with a preliminary heat treatment.Very useful is a stewed or baked in the oven pumpkin, light mashed potatoes, seasoned with olive oil.To use in this case spices, salt in large quantities, sharp flavors can not be.


Pumpkin juice with gastritis

Pumpkin juice with gastritis Freshly squeezed juice with gastritis can be consumed and taken from it if the disease occurs against a background of increased secretion of gastric juice.He:

  1. Helps restore all digestive processes.
  2. Promotes increased bile secretion.
  3. Reduces the production of hydrochloric acid, causes its secretion to bring to the desired limit.

To drink pumpkin juice with gastritis gastroenterologists advise once a day and be sure before you sit down at the table.The course of treatment consists of ten days.You can prepare the drink for future use.It can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.Before use, the liquid must be heated to 36 degrees.


You can not apply for pumpkin seeds.Their rough structure can damage the gastric mucosa.If it is inflamed, the use of seeds will noticeably worsen the situation.

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