Cutlet steamed with gastritis

Cutlets with gastritis With such a disease as gastritis, among the permitted dietary dishes there are also cutlets.The only thing that the use of this dish in food is allowed only when the disease is outside the phase of exacerbation.

There are certain rules for making cutlets, using which you can not beware of the fact that damaged lesions of the mucosa will cause additional injuries.The essence of them is as follows:

  • Meat intended for cooking must be lean varieties( veal, beef, chicken or rabbit);
  • Salts for minced meat are taken quite a small amount, and pepper and other spices are strictly forbidden;
  • The steamed dish is prepared, as with this disease fried foods are not recommended.

Most nutrition recipes for gastritis are based on the fact that the food was cooked for a couple, but their taste from this practically does not change, and often only gets better.And the harm cooked by the mucous dish can not be applied.Here and cutlets, cooked without roasting, are one of the many recommended for this disease dishes.

Cooking couplets for a couple of gastritis, you can not only from meat, but also from lean sea or river fish, since all fat is under strict prohibition.The most suitable for this dish are varieties such as cod, pollock, pike perch.

In addition, during the remission of gastritis, to prepare this delicious and nutritious dish, you can use the method of baking in the oven.He also found a lot of positive feedback from


Preparation of steam cutlets for gastritis

Cutlet steamed with gastritis The lean base for them should be low-fat meat.Most often for this dish is taken chicken.It is 2 times scrolled in a meat grinder to make mincemeat tender.Next, an egg and a slice of white bread soaked in milk are added to it.It is good to add a grated carrot and finely chopped greens of dill or parsley.

All these additives in minced meat make the product more easily digestible for the stomach, affected by gastritis.Salt is added very little, and spices are completely excluded.From the mass obtained, small fingers are formed with raw hands and laid out in a steamer, where they are brought to readiness.


After the dish is ready, it is allowed to cool down, so as not to cause a thermal injury to the weakened mucosa.You can serve it with a thin mashed potatoes.In addition to meat and fish minced meat, it is possible to prepare cutlets for patients with gastritis and vegetables, or a combination of ingredients, for example, beet-fish or meat-potatoes.

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