Chronic inactive gastritis

Inactive gastritis Chronic gastritis is a long-term inflammatory disease of the gastric mucosa, in which the recovery function of epithelial cells is disturbed.In 95% of cases, it is caused by Helicobacter pylori infection.

Gastritis has two forms: active( the period of exacerbation, first only affects the bottom of the stomach, then spreads to the entire cavity) and inactive( the period of remission, symptoms are weakened or completely disappear).The causes of this disease can be the following factors:

  • Incorrect( irregular) food - the constant use of too fatty or spicy food, eating dry, malnutrition;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Smoking;
  • Some medicinal substances;
  • Heredity.

And for this development of inflammatory pathology in the mucous membrane of the stomach, even one of them is enough.

Pathogenicity of chronic inactive gastritis

With this form of the disease, the mucous membrane does not change its thickness, the gastric fossae become wider and smaller, the secretory function is suppressed.Since the regeneration of gl

andular cells is disrupted, instead of hydrochloric acid they produce mucus, which does not participate in digestion.

Chronic inactive gastritis Because of this, the gastric mucosa, abundantly covered with it, looks quite healthy.Special symptoms, during an inactive disease, a person may not notice, but the brightest of them will be:

  • Nausea( or even vomiting);
  • Unpleasant odor from the mouth;
  • Flatulence;
  • Frequent constipation.

It is also possible weight loss, decrease in the amount of vitamin B12, headache.

Treatment of the chronic form of inactive gastritis

Inactive gastritis - treatment An inactive stage of the disease is characterized by the fact that in the treatment, in general, no specific medications are prescribed.To treat a gastritis in this case it is recommended observance of a diet.There are several types of gentle nutrition for patients with inactive form:

  • Basic( or diet number 2): the patient eats fully, consuming mostly boiled, stewed or baked food.Meat, fish dishes, sour-milk products, vegetables and fruits are allowed;
  • With painful gastritis( or diet number 1a): you can eat only cooked, wiped or steamed food in the form of liquid and puree;
  • If the symptoms of an inactive form of illness( or diet No. 1) are calm: do not eat cold, hot meals, and foods rich in fiber;
  • With manifested enteral syndrome( or diet number 4): fractional nutrition is recommended.

To get rid of bad habits, you can also cope with inactive inflammation.Often, the disease can last up to several years, to quickly overcome it, you need to listen to your doctor and follow all his recommendations.

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