Why does not gastritis take place, can it pass?

Does not pass gastritis Can gastritis pass?Yes, and it happens.Usually, if a person has an easy form of the disease or in case of poisoning.But this is more an exception than a fact.But any disease must be treated.Even the most hopeless patients are clinging with all their might to the thread of life and continue to be treated, although at times they are doomed to failure in advance.It is necessary to treat, because if the disease is started it can give complications that are much worse than the previous diagnosis.Only the doctor prescribes treatment.Depending on the form and severity of the development of the disease will be prescribed medications and a strict diet.

It should be understood that without a diet and proper diet under gastritis, there is no point in the entire treatment.If a person is a handful of chew tablets, and then seize it all with fat or spicy food, the result will be reduced to zero and the disease will not go away.And it's good, if it's just zero, it's much worse if it falls into a minus.


The causes of gastritis can be very different.Often, in his appearance, a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori is to blame.It is present in the stomach in practically every person from the age of 4.Every third person suffers from a similar disease, but not everyone is drawn early.Often a person needs a significant push to turn to a specialist for help.In most cases this is due to the fact that the early stage can be quite asymptomatic.

What if I do not have gastritis?

Whether can pass or take place a gastritis? If you have already been diagnosed correctly by a specialist and prescribed treatment, but the symptoms are still troubling and gastritis does not go you need to worry.Why is this happening?Certainly it is impossible to say for sure.Everyone has a different organism and each specialist has his own opinion on this matter.Perhaps the diet was broken or when the long reception of a drug the bacteria could adapt and the gastritis began to progress again.To be cured, you need to decide on the symptoms, is it exactly gastritis?


  • Heartburn.
  • Sour belching.
  • White coating on the tongue.Slightly elevated temperature( 37 degrees).
  • .
  • Inflammation and discomfort in the epigastric region after ingestion.
  • Pain in the upper abdominal cavity.
  • Symptoms of dyspepsia: nausea, vomiting, wrong stool.

Why does not gastritis take place?

Why does not gastritis take place? A very insidious question is asked by many people: why does not the disease pass?If a person is not treated, she will not pass( without taking into account the exception).If, after all, the patient persistently continues treatment, but the disease does not go away, it is worthwhile to turn to a specialist.Gastritis is a very insidious disease, which, at times, it is very difficult to fight, but patients need to have patience and go to their goal.Do not despair after the first treatment course, sometimes you need to constantly maintain your body.In the case of chronic gastritis, a whole measure of healing will be required.In addition to the basic course, one must take into account the fact that many patients share the traditional recipes of our ancestors who, long before our birth, were treated exclusively with broths and tinctures.Maybe it's worth trying something new.

Take into account much.For example, do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting a spa resort.When the exacerbation has left it is just necessary to visit such places, especially if the body is already far from young.


If someone says that gastritis does not go away, well, okay.He is deeply mistaken.After all, the consequences can be most unpredictable: from an ulcer to hepatitis or an oncological disease.

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