Muesli with gastritis

Muesli with gastritis A breakfast such as muesli, consisting of oat flakes and dried fruits, has long won a huge popularity among people.First, it is hearty and tasty, and secondly, it does not take any time to prepare.It is enough to pour the mixture from the sachet into a bowl and pour the milk.

But people suffering from such a disease as gastritis were deprived of the pleasure of enjoying this great breakfast.Why did it happen?After all, it consists of products such as oatmeal and dried fruit.And all of them are completely, without any restrictions, allowed to eat in a diet prescribed for this disease.


The answer here is quite simple.With gastritis, food should be viscous in consistency and not have any hard inclusions, so as not to cause mechanical damage to the inflamed mucosa.And since such a product as muesli is intended for consumption in raw, unfertilized form, it is not suitable for dietary nutrition in diseases of the digestive tract.

In addition, muesli is very rich in fiber, and for damaged mucous it is a

real threat of exacerbation of the disease.This is another reason why this product is not suitable for a healthy diet with gastritis.

What is the solution if you want to enjoy this tasty and healthy breakfast for the whole organism, because it carries the threat of mechanical damage and the mucous membrane of the digestive organs, which has suffered from the inflammatory process?Does a patient with a GI disease always have to look with envy at those who can safely use this product?


Muesli with gastritis Nothing of the kind, from this situation there is a very good way out - to cook pseudo-junior.To taste, they will not differ from those that are on sale, but guaranteed there will not be any preservatives in them, and they will not be able to cause mechanical damage to the gastric mucosa.In addition, they will bring invaluable benefit to the patient with gastritis, as they will facilitate the work of his stomach.

Especially since the recipe for homemade muesli allowed for gastritis is simple enough:

  • A cup of oatmeal from the evening it is necessary to pour boiling water and leave them for the night to steam out;
  • In the morning, swell the porridge in the microwave;
  • Add a steamed raisin from the evening, a finely chopped banana with a little draining, butter and a spoonful of honey.

It remains only to mix pseudo-junior, safe for patients with gastritis, and enjoy their taste.

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