What can gastric massage help with gastritis?

Massage with gastritis When the diagnosis of gastritis is made, in the upper abdomen with exacerbations there are painful sensations.In this case, cryomassage performed for the abdominal wall is very useful.

With its help, not only get rid of pain, but also increase lymph and blood circulation and eliminate airy venous stasis, and at the same time normalize the motor function and secretory function of the stomach, stimulate the work of the intestine.

Massage is prescribed for exacerbations of gastritis, after its acute period is over.At its or his appointments the secretory function of a stomach is necessarily considered.In the case when the acidity is elevated, it should flow out with soft, gentle and gentle movements, and with a lower one - more intense and energetic, including shaking the stomach.


In gastritis, which has a decreased secretion, the purpose of massage, apart from pain elimination, is stimulation of motor and secretory functions of the stomach, elimination of the meteorism process and improvement of blo

od circulation in the abdominal cavity.

A goal for gastritis, which has an increased secretion, is a calming effect on the central nervous system and an increase in tone in the autonomic nervous system in order to exert a retarding effect on the functions of the secretory apparatus located in the gastric mucosa.

The duration of massage procedures should not exceed 15 minutes.The entire course of treatment consists of 12-15 sessions, which are conducted every other day.The patient's posture should be lying on his back, and an ankle should be placed under the ankle joints.


Massage for chronic gastritis is performed on the abdominal and stomach area.All movements must be energetic and sufficiently deep.It begins with the area of ​​the press, and then moves to the area of ​​the stomach.The technique of his conduct is as follows:

  • Using the back stroke of hands, separate stroking strokes are performed;
  • With four fingers, the spiraling grinding is carried out in the same direction;
  • The stroking procedure ends.

Massage of the stomach with gastritis But not always with the beginning pains it is possible to turn to a professional masseur.In this case, self-massage will be an excellent way out.The technician of his conduct is able to master any person.


The great advantage of this option is that you can self-massage in any situation, because if necessary, all the actions can be carried out through clothing.

If this massage is performed indoors, it should have a temperature of more than 20 degrees, and be well ventilated.The body must be clean, and the hands thoroughly washed or treated with alcohol.

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