LFK with gastritis are complexes of exercises of physical therapy( gymnastics)

Gastritis is one of the most common diseases that occur in the digestive system.In order to normalize the motor and secretory functions of the stomach, restore the neuro-humoral regulation of digestion, and strengthen the muscles of the press and improve blood circulation in the abdominal cavity, patients in addition to drug treatment and compliance with the diet, prescribed exercise therapy.The need for physical education in this disease is obvious.After all, its therapeutic effect is reduced to a toning effect on the entire body and improve metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the digestive system.

LFK, what value does it have for gastritis?

Therapeutic exercise, which is prescribed for this disease, performs the following tasks: LFK with gastritis

  • Normalization and toning of the central nervous system;
  • Restoration of normal cortico-visceral connections;
  • Improvement of the activity of tracheobronchial and cardiovascular systems;
  • Ensuring their adaptation to increasing physical stress;
  • Normalization of motor and secretory functions of the digestive tract, metabolism.

LFK, during which the muscular work becomes intense, promotes the acceleration of metabolism and oxygen in cells due to various biochemical reactions taking place in the body.And this makes it possible to actively replace damaged cells with new ones, the process of recovery is accelerated accordingly, and the risk that the gastritis can transform into a chronic form is reduced.

What is the peculiarity of therapeutic gymnastics in such a disease as gastritis?

Gymnastics for gastritis Since exercise in gastritis helps to normalize the secretion of gastric juice, and at the same time improve the enzymatic function of the stomach, exercise therapy is mandatory for all patients, not only when staying in the hospital, but also at home.


But there are several features that should be followed when assigning.Firstly, exercise should be carried out only after all the acute phenomena accompanying this disease subside, and the temperature normalizes, and secondly, the physical exertion should be moderate enough.After classes, half an hour before a meal, they drink mineral water.In addition to the exercises included in the complex LFK, with gastritis very useful contrast shower and walking.Compulsory is deep abdominal breathing.Therapeutic exercises, in addition to general development exercises, include both respiratory exercises and relaxation.On how much and how the muscles of the body work, there is a physiological dependence of the activity of the stomach.This is necessarily taken into account in the appointment of therapeutic gymnastics, because gastritis occurs with increased and with a decreased secretion of gastric juice.Therefore, the exercise complex of exercise therapy for each patient is selected individually.

Occupation exercise therapy for gastritis, general recommendations

Physical culture in gastritis All physical exercises should be conducted only 20 minutes after drinking the prescribed mineral water, and half an hour before lunch.Under such conditions, the inhibitory effect of gastric secretion occurs.


Although patients with high and low secretion are recommended exercise therapy with different sets of physical exercises, all of them will benefit from the wellness run.When it improves the function of the digestive system due to the occurring vibration.
But it should be taken into account that with gastritis with high acidity, instead of mineral water, drink a glass of oat broth that neutralizes the excess acid release by enveloping the mucosa.After a meal, after about 2 hours, it is useful to walk with a slow pace, as well as a good effect from skiing or skating and swimming.All this not only provides good physical activity, but also improves the psycho-emotional state.

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