Onions with gastritis, can it be boiled, green?

Those who have gastrointestinal disease, are interested in, can or can not eat onions with gastritis?The benefits of this vegetable are obvious.Its unique composition consists of minerals, vitamins, essential oils, flavonoids, sulfur and fluorine.All these substances form a product, with a large number of biologically active substances.In one case, they are beneficial, in another - harm.There are onions with gastritis with increased secretion of gastric juice, for example, it is impossible.Why?Answer in the article.

Reasons for the ban on onion for gastritis

Onions with gastritis In order to get an answer to the question of why there is a bow in gastritis, it is necessary to understand how the stomach works.Digestion is a complex, finely tuned chemical process.Food, falling into the described hollow organ, begins to be digested due to the presence of gastric juice.The day produces up to 2 liters of gastric juice.Its main component is hydrochloric acid.


In different parts of the stomach there is a different concentration

of hydrochloric acid.In its initial section, the pH of a healthy person is 1.0-1.2.In places the connection of the stomach with the duodenum pH is 5.0-6.0.Violation of this balance causes inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Some vegetables, including onions, are capable of provoking imbalance in the digestive system.In its composition there are bitter essential oils, folic acid and phytoncides, which increase the acidity of the stomach and cause irritation of the mucosa of the entire gastrointestinal tract.That's why you can not eat both onions and green onions with gastritis.In addition, white varieties of vegetables should not be carried away by those who suffer from flatulence.


But this does not mean that the described vegetable should be completely excluded from its diet for patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.After the heat treatment, add the onions to salads and other snack foods.It is advisable not to fry it in oil, but simply to pour the chopped vegetable with boiling water and insist in it until it softens completely, replacing the brew.Boiled onions:

  1. Retains its useful substances.
  2. Boosts appetite.
  3. Improves digestion.

Green onion with gastritis

Green onions with gastritis A separate conversation deserves a green onion with gastritis.In its stems there is a lot of vitamin C - the main assistant of immunity, vitamin A - strengthening the elasticity of the stomach mucosa, vitamin B, which improves metabolic processes.But it also contains substances that have irritating effects on the walls of the stomach, so there is a green onion for gastritis in the acute stage, too, can not.

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