Corn at a gastritis, whether it is possible maize porridge?

Corn with gastritis The best option for a diet used during a gastritis is the cereal, made from different cereals.Particularly worth mentioning about such as corn.It is not widely used in cooking, despite the fact that its benefits are enormous.

Useful properties of corn are known by the abundance of vitamins of various groups, among which there is even vitamin K, which is usually found in greenery.There is even such an opinion that properly cooked, it can remove radionuclides from the body.


The usefulness of corn for gastritis is also sufficient fiber, which normalizes the digestive system.In addition, its use is invaluable due to the ability to remove excess toxins and restore the mucous, while removing pain symptoms.

Recipe for corn porridge with pumpkin in case of gastritis

Corn cereal with gastritis With gastritis, all meals in the patient's daily diet should be not only tasty, dietary and not irritating to the mucous components, but also sufficiently nourishing and have a liquid consistency to envelop the stomach from the inside.There

fore, when preparing a dish of corn for a patient with gastritis, the basic rules should be observed:

  • Groats are brewed on water, and milk and butter are added to the ready-made dish and then only when the patient has a period of remission of the disease;
  • If the consistency of the prepared dish is dense, use a blender or a sieve to make it more fluid and viscous;
  • To eat any dish with gastritis should be only in a warm state, so as not to cause damage to the mucous thermal damage.

Very tasty corn porridge with pumpkin, and cook it will not be a problem.To do this, take a glass of cereals and boil it in salted water until half cooked.During this time, peel and finely chop 300 grams of pumpkin, put 2 tablespoons into a deep frying pan.Honey, add a little water and put out the pumpkin until soft.


Next, take the ceramic dishes and put into it corn and pumpkin masses, alternating them layer by layer.Stew in the oven for about half an hour.This dish is good for patients with gastritis in that, in addition to its satiety and useful properties, it also has remarkable taste qualities.

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