Catarrhal gastritis of the antrum and its treatment

Catarrhal antral gastritis A simple food or catarrhal form of gastritis is most common and is considered the easiest.Inflammation in this disease affects only the upper layer of the mucous membrane.If the irritant effect stops, the patient's condition quickly returns to normal.Catarrhal antral gastritis develops in the final part of the stomach( antrum).

The catarrhal gastritis of the antral department most often causes:

  • oily, acute and rough food;
  • irregular eating and overeating;Unsatisfactory chewing of food;
  • ;
  • defective products;
  • uncontrolled intake of certain medications;
  • infectious diseases;
  • neuroses and stresses;
  • alcohol poisoning;
  • infection with Helicobacteria.

Usually, the catarrhal gastritis of the antrum is acute.In the mucosa of this department there are swelling, thickening, redness and small foci of hemorrhage.When untimely treatment and frequent repetition of aggressive effects of irritants inflammation can go into a chronic.


One of the varieties of the disease is reflux gastritis, in which, due to a

dysfunction of the pylorus, the contents of the intestine are thrown back, irritating the walls of the antrum and sometimes of the whole organ.

Symptoms of catarrhal gastritis of the antral stomach of the stomach

Catarrhal gastritis of the antrum Most often the disease manifests itself following symptoms that may appear in a few hours after exposure to irritation factors:

  • heartburn and belching with bitterness;
  • strong saliva secretion;
  • appearance of sour odor from the mouth;
  • attacks of nausea and vomiting with undigested food particles, mucus, bile;
  • heaviness in the left hypochondrium and bloating in the abdomen;
  • diarrhea;
  • blunt or cutting pain in the abdomen;
  • decreased appetite;General weakness, chills,
  • .

Treatment of catarrhal antral gastritis

Therapy of the catarrhal form of antral gastritis includes:

  • cessation of the effects of factors that irritate the walls of the stomach;
  • cleansing of the stomach and intestines;
  • reception of adsorbents;
  • admission course of antibiotics and antibacterial course( with infections);
  • administration of antispasmodics and pain medication;
  • , if dehydrated, salt solutions are given inside or drip.

Catarrhal antral gastritis - treatment One of the main conditions in the treatment of catarrhal gastritis of the antrum is compliance with the diet.Food should be taken in a warm form, spices are excluded, salt is limited.Smoked, fried and fatty foods, buns, canned food and other foods and drinks that irritate the stomach are prohibited.

In addition to the prescriptions of a doctor and a nutritionist, traditional medicine can be used.

We practice receiving sprouted wheat grains, decoction from flax seeds, burdock root, fresh cabbage and potato juice, aloe.Before using any of the folk remedies for catarrhal gastritis antrum should consult a doctor.


Usually, the patient becomes easier in a few days.All treatment rarely takes more than 7-10 days.To prevent the recurrence of the disease, it is recommended to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and organize proper nutrition.

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