Treatment of gastritis with alcohol and vodka

Treatment with alcohol gastritis Everyone knows that such a serious disease as a gastritis is treated in most cases by a medicamentous method.Traditional medicine offers non-standard ways of solving this problem with the use of vodka.We'll figure it out, is it.It is proved that alcohol is harmful to human health, especially for the stomach.He destroys its walls, brings it to an ulcer.But at the same time, the healing properties of alcohol in small quantities have long been known.It has a diuretic, vasodilating, choleretic effect.

Advocates of gastritis treatment with vodka argue that although drinking alcohol during the period of the disease is fraught with consequences, but as prevention is a very effective method.


Treatment of gastritis with alcohol

Alcohol with gastritis The most common prescription that is used in the treatment of gastritis is apple vodka tincture.It is recommended to insist such a drink about a week and take on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating.

Another not less popular tincture is honey.It includes half a liter of vod

ka and a glass of honey.Drink should be consumed for two months, one tablespoon an hour after eating.


Drug action has an alcohol tincture of propolis.In an equal proportion( 100 grams), mix the alcohol and propolis and let it brew for 3 days.Then strain the tincture and take three times a day for 15 drops.The solution should be taken no more than three weeks.According to the patients, the result is manifested in five days.

Treatment of alcoholic gastritis

Treatment of gastritis with vodka It should be remembered that any alcoholic drinks containing alcohol have a negative effect on the human body.When treating such tinctures, you should consult a doctor and undergo a detailed examination.It is important to note that the occurrence of gastritis is often triggered by the use of alcohol.Diagnosis of this disease can be gastroscopy and radiography, which will produce a specialized doctor.


With this form of the disease requires a complete refusal of alcohol-containing products.If you follow this rule, follow the diet and conduct the recommended treatment can easily overcome the ailment.

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