Can sour cream with gastritis?

Sour cream with gastritis The use of sour cream for gastritis is the most serious issue, rather than the use of other fermented milk products.Any diet with stomach diseases includes a menu in which there is dietary food containing a low amount of fat and an acceptable acidity.Therefore, to treat the use of sour cream with gastritis is necessary with extreme caution.These factors are the main criterion in choosing in favor of this dairy product, the acidity should not exceed 90 ° Turner.It is necessary to pay attention to the stabilizers and emulsifiers available in the formulation, which only irritate the gastric mucosa and cause the appearance of pain.But, in comparison with a natural dairy product, this species can have a much lower cost and a long shelf life, so you should pay attention to this, so as not to harm the body and not provoke an exacerbation of gastritis.

Sour cream is a dairy product, as it is made from pasteurized cream and a specially designed starter.After the termination of technological process, in this so

ur-milk product there are substances which are easily acquired by an organism, in what the essence of a diet which is appointed at treatment of a gastritis consists.In sour cream there is a milk protein, which includes amino acids, milk sugars and fats, which are easily perceived by the body.Vitamins E, A, B2, B12, C, PP, as well as calcium, phosphorus and iron are present in it in sufficient quantities.


Sour cream can be eaten to improve the intestinal microflora because it contains microorganisms that appear during fermentation and help fight bacteria that cause decay.During fermentation, the cream is able to collect a large amount of lactic acid, so this product is not too useful for stomach diseases.It can be considered an ideal option for people who have problems with digestion, but its use with a different form of gastritis should be previously agreed with the doctor!


Can sour cream with gastritis? If there is acute or chronic gastritis with high acidity, then the use of sour cream is recommended to limit, otherwise, the gastric mucosa becomes inflamed and there may be pain in this area.

In gastritis with a low acidity, the use of sour cream is allowed, but only with the disappearance of the symptoms that cause this disease.If there are pains in the stomach, it is recommended to limit the body from taking this sour milk product for a while, so as not to irritate the mucosa and not provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

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