Symptoms of erosive gastritis, treatment of signs - pain, temperature

Erosive gastritis - symptoms Any form of gastritis is dangerous and needs timely and correct treatment.This is especially true for erosive gastritis, otherwise called bulbitis, and occurs quite often.

It is dangerous because it has well-defined foci of erosion and affects the upper parts of the duodenum in addition to the gastric mucosa.If you ignore the symptoms of this disease right from the start, it can easily lead to an ulcer.And this disease is almost incurable and can lead to death.

What are the symptoms of this form of the disease?

Symptoms of erosive gastritis Among the most common causes of the appearance of bulbites are such as long-term use of medications that irritate the mucous membrane, alcoholic intoksatsiya caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, unbalanced nutrition, frequent stressful situations and unfavorable working conditions.

Symptoms of erosive gastritis are often quite severe and develop very quickly.In order for the main symptoms to appear, bulbite symptoms are only a few hours after the irritating effect on the

mucous membrane.


Since erosive gastritis resembles a peptic ulcer, the complaints of patients are similar.The person has an unpleasant, with an acidic tinge, a taste in the mouth, heartburn, nausea, often accompanied by vomiting, heaviness in the abdomen.

But not always such a symptomatology manifests itself quite clearly, often the onset of the acute stage of the disease proceeds almost imperceptibly and is ignored by the person.Pain sensations in the epigastric region occur on the "hungry" stomach, and after eating completely pass, and therefore do not cause much concern.

This is very dangerous, as it facilitates the transition of erosive gastritis to a chronic( hemorrhagic) form.Its signs are already more pronounced.Bloating, acidic eructations, vomiting and indigestion occur.


The pain in the stomach increases, and the temperature with erosive gastritis is always increased.But the greatest alarm should be caused by such a symptom as the presence of bloody discharge in the vomit and feces, which indicates the appearance of erosion in the digestive department.

There are also external signs of chronic bulbit, especially when it is launched.The person's appetite disappears, he begins to lose weight, the condition of the nails, skin and hair deteriorates significantly, apathy and constant extreme fatigue occur.And when a laboratory study reveals changes in blood biochemistry.

Treatment for symptoms of erosive gastritis, what methods exist?

Erosive gastritis - symptoms and treatment As soon as the first signs of the disease are seen, a gastroenterologist should be examined.Only he can accurately determine in what form and stage of development the disease is, and, accordingly, prescribe an effective and adequate treatment.

After this illness is diagnosed, the patient is placed in a hospital environment, as all necessary procedures and examinations should be carried out under the close supervision of the attending physician so that he can at any time monitor the symptoms and, if necessary, make adjustments to the appointment schedule.Drug treatment of erosive gastritis, which has pronounced symptoms, includes several stages:

  • With the help of anesthetics and antispasmodics the pain syndrome is removed;
  • The temperature of the patient is monitored, which is always increased with erosive gastritis;
  • Antibiotic therapy is prescribed to stop the inflammatory process in the stomach;
  • There is mandatory treatment with enzymes and such drugs that normalize acidity and contribute to the restoration of damaged tissues.

Effective treatment of erosive gastritis should be only complex, in addition to drugs should adhere to a certain diet and monitor diet.In addition, the exercise of exercise is a good influence.

In addition to traditional medicine, you can use folk methods, especially they are good for removing acute symptoms and preventing this disease.But before using them, you still need to consult a specialist, so as not to cause additional damage to the stomach.

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