Mixed superficial gastritis

Mixed superficial gastritis Among the many forms of a disease such as gastritis, a great deal of attention deserves a mixed one.This pathology of the stomach is represented by several types of disease developing against a background of superficial gastritis, to which hemorrhagic, erosive and hypertrophic are usually added.

The most common cause of this type of disease is infection with the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, which enters the body or when it comes to contact with an infected person( kisses), or by eating foods from a person who is not thoroughly washed after the patient with this disease.Air way, and also through handshakes can not be infected with it.

To develop mixed gastritis always begins with an inflammatory process that covers the superficial epithelial layer, and sometimes the gastric mucosa of the digestive organ.But because the symptoms of the initial stage are of a weak character, they are usually not paid much attention, and do not resort to the necessary treatment.


In this case, the surface gastritis b

egins to progress, the activity of bacteria rises, they destroy protective gastric mucus and small erosion appears on these sites.And if this situation is aggravated by bad habits, wrong way of life and nutrition, the disease will become chronic.So there is a mixed version of the disease.

Symptoms accompanying mixed superficial gastritis

Mixed superficial gastritis Since the disease contains several types of abnormalities of the digestive organ, it has different manifestations, depending on which of them prevails in this case.But there are common for all kinds of symptoms.They usually have the following symptoms:

  • Frequent discomfort and sharp pains in the area of ​​the epigastric region, which is located between the ribs, giving mostly to the left hypochondrium or back;
  • Feeling of "sucking in the pitcher";
  • Sensation of fullness of the stomach even with a small amount of eaten;
  • Nausea, almost always resulting in vomiting, in which there are cases of bloody inclusions;
  • Frequent heartburn, acidic eructations and a sharp decrease in appetite.

Clinical picture of superficial mixed gastritis

Mixed superficial gastritis It is very difficult to predict the development of a clinic for such a disease, because it depends on many factors.But it is reliably known that with the progression of the disease the condition of the patient becomes worse.


With superficial mixed gastritis, hypo- or hyperacid conditions are observed, expressed in increased or decreased acidity of gastric juice.But there are also cases when acidity remains normal.Mixed superficial gastritis in the clinical picture is similar to the chronic form of the disease and has the following symptoms:

  • Mucous membrane has puffiness of medium degree;
  • Hyperemia of a focal character;
  • Increases the formation of mucus, and the sheath itself becomes very vulnerable.

In the diagnosis of superficial mixed gastritis, it is mandatory to perform an EGF, which is necessary in order to establish changes in the mucosal relief of the diseased organ, and to identify the absence of ulcers or oncology that usually arise from this disease, and to establish the most accurate diagnosis.


After the doctor has confirmed the forms of the disease present in this case, he develops a technique of treatment, which is mandatory for complex gastrointestinal diseases.

Also, to speed up the healing process, the patient should completely abandon the addictions, such as alcohol abuse, smoking, excessive use of drugs and a propensity for eating dry.Only in this case it is possible to cure mixed superficial gastritis completely.

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