Sweet with gastritis, can I syrup, pudding, soufflé?

Sweet with gastritis Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa, and, therefore, you can not eat anything that will lead to more irritation.Sugar is not a forbidden ingredient, so you can eat sweet.But in moderate amounts and only those that are not equipped with an increased level of fat content.

When gastritis is allowed to eat such sweets as:

  1. Gem;
  2. Pastille;
  3. Fruit puree;
  4. Puddings;
  5. Pastille;
  6. Marshmallow;
  7. Jelly;
  8. Creamy caramel;
  9. Marmalade;
  10. Iris;
  11. Juices, compotes, kissels and tea.What sweets are forbidden at a gastritis?

What sweets are forbidden at a gastritis?

Sweets with gastritis For gastritis, it is forbidden to eat sweet with an increased level of fat.Under the taboo fall:

  1. Cakes;
  2. Cakes;
  3. Cookies.What can be sweet with gastritis?
  4. What sweets can I have with gastritis? All the sweet tooths, probably, now freeze in anticipation of what they are allowed to eat after all.Patients with gastritis will have very selective attitude to consumed products.But at the same time there is a light ray: sweet with gastritis, you can, but not all.Tell a little abo

    ut the favorite products of the Russian audience.

    Condensed milk.This sweetness was eaten, probably by everyone who was born and raised in Russia.A good condensed milk is saturated with calcium and milk protein, besides there are no dyes and preservatives, the use of which affects the health of the stomach so badly.But there is another side to the coin.Condensed milk is a high-calorie and fatty product, so only a small amount is allowed for gastritis.At the same time, it must be understood that speech, first of all, is about the usual white condensed milk, and not about boiled.Boiled condensed milk with gastritis is not recommended.

    Chocolate.As sweet as chocolate for gastritis is contraindicated.It has a huge fat content, which is poorly absorbed by the body and may well provoke irritation of the mucosa.In addition, many manufacturers offer not just chocolate, but a product with various additives: nuts, flavors, raisins, etc.This combination is extremely harmful to the gastric mucosa, so it is prohibited.The only thing you can do is a small piece of real bitter chocolate.This indulgence is made for people who do not imagine life without this "happiness hormone".

    Ice cream.As it may sound strange, but ice cream is sometimes extremely useful for gastritis.It is claimed that sweet ice cream reduces acidity in the stomach and reduces pain.But even in this case you need to be a very considerate buyer.No ice cream made from synthetic additives, flavors and sweeteners.You can eat only ice cream made from whole milk.

    Dried fruits.Do not use dried fruits themselves.These are hard, dried foods that have a bad effect on the mucosa.But compotes, cooked from dried fruits are very useful.

    Jam.Jam is a delicate product that needs to be eaten with great care, given the level of acidity in the stomach.Sour jam is useful in gastritis with a low level of acidity.Such jam will add acids and stimulate the stomach to secrete more juice and make the stomach work like a "clock".

    Med.Honey is, of course, a useful product.It does not matter what level of acidity you have.Advantages of honey:

    1. Promotes healing of wounds and mucous ulcers.
    2. Strengthens the body as a whole and the nervous system in particular.
    3. Correctly affects the secretion of the stomach.

    Syrup with gastritis

    Syrup with gastritis Sweet with gastritis is not harmful, and sometimes even useful.But what about syrup?First, it all depends on what it is.Secondly, it is recommended to use only, prepared independently from the useful ingredients.And here again honey will help.It is advisable to use linden, but if it is not, then you can and any other floral.Lime honey is very useful, therefore, the syrup cooked from honey will be both sweet and useful.There are even methods of treating gastritis with honey syrups.

    Honey product is consumed with reduced acidity 1 hour before meals, and with increased acidity 30 minutes before meals.The course of treatment is up to 2 months.Nothing bad will happen if you consume such sweetness throughout the treatment.Honey syrup for gastritis is better to use in the morning and at bedtime.So the level of acidity in the stomach will be normalized and there will be no pain.

    Pudding for gastritis

    Pudding for gastritis Puddings with gastritis are not prohibited.They can be eaten.In order to prepare them you only need to know a couple of recipes.Having prepared such a dessert, you can also pamper yourself with sweeties and invite friends to tea.

    sweet pumpkin pudding


  • 200 grams pumpkin purified
  • 20 grams of semolina
  • 20 grams of sugar
  • 20 grams of butter
  • pinch salt


C pumpkin piecesPeel and grate.Pumpkin diluted with milk, butter and put the stew on the fire.When the pumpkin is almost cooked add apples, sugar, mango, mix thoroughly and cook until ready for about 10 minutes.

Stew the pumpkin and mix it with egg yolks.Mix the mixture thoroughly with a mixer and place in a bowl, oiled.Pudding is cooked and laid out in beautiful shapes.

Souffle with gastritis

Souffle with gastritis You can cook soufflé from fish, meat, chicken, or you can make sweet.Such souffle patients with gastritis are not prohibited.In addition, this diet dessert, which, if desired, are advised to eat and ordinary people who want to look good and have a slender figure, while not hesitating to eat sweets.

sweet souffle steam


  • Curd - 500 grams
  • Carrot - 5 pieces
  • Butter - 30 grams
  • Eggs - 5 pieces
  • Munk - 0.6 cup
  • Powdered sugar -1 cup sour cream
  • - 1.3 cups
  • Jam - 50 grams
  • Salt to taste


Wash and clean the carrots.Boil it for a couple and put it to cool.After the carrot has cooled to wipe it through a sieve with curd.Add yolks, sugar powder and manga to the resulting mixture.For a basis it is necessary to take whipped whites.Beat in thick foam was mixed with the prepared mixture of curds and carrots, spread into a mold and put in a water bath to prepare.Cooked souffle is perfectly combined with sweet jam or other fruit sauce.

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