Gastritis of the stomach in children: symptoms, signs, treatment, how is it manifested in the child?

Symptoms of gastritis in children In order not to miss the precious time and start the diagnosis and treatment of your child in time, every parent should know the symptoms of gastritis in children.It is not necessary to wait for the appearance of all signs of the disease, it is enough to have two or three symptoms in order to start worrying.Some of them, often, are symptoms of other diseases.

Manifestations of gastritis in children who are younger - this is primarily anxiety, causeless crying, lethargy and restless sleep.If the child complains of abdominal pain and poor appetite, be aware that these are the main symptoms of the disease.Also, children can have pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, plaque on the tongue, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, dryness in the oral cavity.In addition, among the symptoms of elevated temperature and chills.All these are common signs of gastritis in children.It is they who should alert the parents and make them take the child to the doctor.

Symptoms of acute gastritis in children

Gastritis in children: symptoms and treatment Symptoms of acute gastritis in children are similar to those of food poisoning, but its causes may be not only stale or poor quality food, but much more.The acute form can be primary if it has arisen because of bad food, bacteria, parasites, fungi, overeating or food allergens.Also, acute gastritis may be secondary due to infectious diseases such as measles, rubella, influenza, diphtheria, septic inflammation.The infection that causes the underlying disease is also capable of penetrating the gastric mucosa through the circulatory system.Symptoms of fever and pain in the abdominal cavity with acute gastritis can occur in the child, as a consequence of taking medications that irritate the mucous membrane.If you give the medicine yourself, then you should give it up!Self-medication in any form can be extremely unsafe for any organism and, especially, immature baby.

In case of an unhealthy diet, as well as frequent consumption of fast food products, gastritis in children with all the resulting symptoms may also appear.This also includes harmful drinks( carbonated water and juices in the package).Signs of gastritis in the child can also appear due to excessive enthusiasm for chocolate and other sweets.

Gastritis in children can also occur due to ingestion of a variety of chemicals( acidic or alkaline) in the stomach.Typically, the symptoms of this situation is vomiting, and then diarrhea.In this case, urgent rinsing of the stomach is necessary.Otherwise, a corrosive gastritis may take a form of acute phlegmonous in the child, which is characterized by melting and suppuration of the gastric membrane.

Even with obvious symptoms, a competent specialist - a children's gastroenterologist will first prescribe a full diagnosis, including ultrasound, tests and fibrogastroscopy, and others.

Treatment of acute gastritis in children

Signs of gastritis in children The most important thing during the treatment of gastritis in children is to eliminate not the symptoms of the disease, but the causes.

First of all, parents need to remember that the treatment of any disease, including this, especially in children should be handled exclusively by a qualified specialist!

Treatment of manifestations of gastritis in a child, you, of course, will take care of yourself at home, but it can appoint only a gastroenterologist.With improper treatment, the acute form of the inflammation of the gastric mucosa will pass into the chronic.

The main methods of acute treatment include diet and medication that eliminate the causes of the disease, and you can also use medicinal herbs that help reduce the occurrence of gastritis in children.The diet implies a complete refusal of spices, fiber and harmful food.In addition, it should include meals 6 times a day.The food should be soft, boiled, stewed or steamed.Thanks to such a diet, the symptoms of the disease will be greatly facilitated, and the child's well-being will improve.

It should also be noted that the treatment of chronic gastritis is always more difficult and more lasting than manifestations of acute form.During his treatment, you should regularly consult a doctor who watches your baby not only about medicines, but also about certain foods( the heavier the stage, the less the amount of foods you can include in the diet).And, of course, the appointment of medications depends on the localization of gastritis, as well as the acidity of the gastric environment, the state of the mucosa and the presence of other diseases.Take care of your children and remember that timely signs of the disease are a successful cure!

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