Juices with gastritis, can I drink tomato and freshly squeezed in the treatment of the disease?

Juices with gastritis Doctors believe that some freshly squeezed juices can be very useful for gastritis.They are actively included in the program of complex treatment.But not all fresh ones are used in this case.There is a wide range of contraindications.It is absolutely necessary to get acquainted with it before making a decision on choosing a particular drink.

Today, the treatment of gastritis with juices is very popular.Preference is given to beverages with the lowest acidity content.You can not choose fresh without a doctor's recommendation.And all because it is not enough, who knows what effect on the body these or other compositions have.So, for example, drinks from cherries, currants or sweet cherries contain in a considerable quantity special tannins.They have a fixing effect.Those who suffer from constipation, it is forbidden to use them.The opposite effect is provided by carrot, plum and beet juice.

The use of a large number of fruit freshies during a diet, can provoke an upset stomach.Therefore, it is so impor

tant to know what kind of juice you can drink with gastritis, and what is best to give up once and for all.

What kind of juice can I drink with gastritis?

Is it possible to juice with gastritis? There are general rules for minimizing existing risks.Here are the most basic of them:

  1. All the juices with gastritis must necessarily be diluted with water in the proportions 1x1.
  2. Before use, it is important to preheat the water a little beforehand in a water bath.
  3. For making fresh mushrooms, it is better to choose mature, and even slightly overripe vegetables and berries.Decayed fruits can not be used.Remember!In poor-quality raw materials the quantity of mineral and vitamin substances is reduced several times.
  4. Sweeten your drinks best with honey.

Treatment of gastritis with juices

Treatment of gastritis with juices As practice shows, today a good half of all mankind suffers from gastritis.This is probably the only disease in which a patient is not put in a hospital, but prescribes a treatment regimen for him, allowing him to implement it at home on his own.The basis is the right menu.Juices with gastritis help to speed up recovery, or to cure individual manifestations.

So, for example, the following freshly squeezed herbal juices with gastritis help stop small gastric bleeding:

  1. From a shepherd's bag( 2 teaspoons per glass of water).Stop the bleeding in this case contribute to vitamins K and C, which are in large quantities contained in the designated plant.
  2. Geranium, boiled for two minutes( 1 teaspoon per glass of water).A drink is taken twice a day.
  3. Aloe.Take 10 grams three times a day for half an hour before meals.

Tomato and freshly squeezed juices with gastritis

Tomato juice with gastritis

Answering the question whether it is possible to juice with gastritis, it is important to know what acidity of the stomach is increased or decreased.To determine the degree of acidity in the stomach at home helps a simple test.If a person eats a slice of lemon without sugar, without frowning, the acidity of the stomach is lowered.A more precise definition can be given only by the gastroenterologist after the examination:

  • With increased acidity, potato juice is very useful for gastritis.He is drunk on an empty stomach, diluting the concentrate with water in the proportions 1x1.The dose gradually increases and is brought to three spoonfuls.The course of treatment lasts two weeks.Then you need to take a break.
  • With reduced acidity, carrot juice, diluted with water and honey, is very useful.
  • If the acidity is lowered, helps the lemon drink diluted with a tincture prepared from rose hips.
  • Beet and tomato juice with gastritis is also effective in the same case.The latter intensifies peristalsis, stimulates the production of gastric juice, preparing the body for food.Increase the digestibility of the drink can be by adding a few drops of any olive oil.Take freshly squeezed juice doctors do not recommend, drink before consumption must be pasteurized.Drinking a drink from tomato with increased acidity is strictly prohibited.
  • A cabbage drink helps to normalize acidity.It is taken three times a day for 100 grams per hour before meals in a slightly warmed form.
  • Well removes all the painful symptoms of a squeeze from the leaves of fresh green salad.If you take this drink every day for two weeks, the damaged gastric mucosa is quickly restored.To prepare a single dose of the drink 70 grams of leaves are taken, grinded, the resulting liquid is squeezed through gauze and diluted with honey.

As you can see, gastroenterologists pay attention to the fact that not only fruit and vegetable drinks, but also some herbal juices possess therapeutic properties in gastritis.The medicine can only be fresh, made from very high quality raw materials.

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