Millet and wheat porridge with gastritis

Millet porridge with gastritis In inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, among which the most common gastritis is recommended strict adherence to dietary rules.It should be dietary, so as not to obstruct the work of the damaged stomach.The basis of it is liquid porridge, for the preparation of which uses different types of cereals, and light soups.

With caution in gastritis, it should be treated only with millet cake, as it contains a large amount of fiber that makes digestion difficult, and also can increase acidity.Therefore, its use is not recommended for patients with increased secretory function of the stomach.


Benefits of millet porridge for gastritis

Millet porridge with gastritis Despite the fact that with gastritis, the use of millet porridge should occur with caution because of its ability to increase acidity in gastric juice, doctors still recommend the use of this product in food for certain forms of diseases of the digestive system.But it should be done only after consulting a specialist.

Wheat cereals have a positive effect on

the digestive system by having a certain amount of fiber in it.But the same factor can bring and harm, if you use millet porridge in the period of exacerbation of gastritis.After all, because of the increased content of fiber, its absorption deteriorates, and, consequently, the digestive process in the stomach is complicated, which affects negatively the damaged mucosa.


In addition, during periods of remission of the disease, the use of cereal, prepared from millet, normalizes both the digestive process and the patient's stool and eliminates dysbiosis.And its enveloping effect is capable of removing all the painful sensations with a damaged gastritis of the mucosa, and significantly reducing the inflammatory process occurring in it.

Preparation of millet and wheat porridges for gastritis

Wheat porridge with gastritis To ensure that this type of cereal does not adversely affect the patient's stomach, basic rules should be observed when preparing it:

  • The best option for its preparation will be the use of pumpkin as an additional component;
  • Salt and granulated sugar, as well as milk, should be added only to the prepared dish, and this can be done only when the patient does not have an exacerbation of the disease, and the period of remission has begun.When the disease worsens, the use of these ingredients is strictly prohibited so as not to harm the mucous membrane.

And in the case when it is supposed to use a dish from cereals as a lunch, with the addition of a low-fat meat permitted with this disease, the wheat groats are best suited.But the finished dish should also have a liquid consistency.Only in this case it will be able to give a good effect both in relieving a person of the negative symptoms of this disease, and in prolonging the period of remission.

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