Is it possible to eat fat with gastritis?

Salo with gastritis For the prevention of gastritis, a diet is usually prescribed.It includes only quality, balanced food, which will only affect the sick stomach positively.Salo is everyone's favorite product.But many are asking the question: "Is it possible to take lard with gastritis?" - let's try to figure it out.

The main useful properties are:

  1. Is an adaptogen, but all because it contains monounsaturated fats.And those in turn help to cope with hunger and survive in the conditions of severe frost.
  2. Contains acid, which helps the central nervous system function normally, helps to cope with stressful conditions.
  3. This product is rich in various vitamins.Ideal for children with the goal of preventing rickets.
  4. This is an exceptionally natural product, does not contain preservatives and colorants.
  5. Almost does not contain cholesterol.
  6. It is used for respiratory diseases.
  7. Favorably affects the skin condition, male potency.

It is stored for a long time, while not losing its useful substances.This is one of the be

st sources of animal fats in human nutrition.Its use in small amounts is useful for the liver.

Salo with gastritis: can I eat or not?

Is it possible to take lard when gastritis? Despite the fact that the product is rich in vitamins, it is not dietary.All this is due to the fact that it is very high in calories and fat.People suffering from gastritis can not eat it, because it is contraindicated.Benefits this product will not bring.It is not difficult to digest, but it creates discomfort and heaviness in the stomach.That's why doctors do not recommend it to eat.


Salo refers to fatty foods, so it is not always easy to digest by the body.And with acute or chronic gastritis it can harm the stomach.To admit exacerbation of the disease, this product will have to be abandoned.

Although, the product itself does not harm the body if it is in small doses.It is allowed to use only a small piece, but only with bread or if it is not too salty.Fried or smoked bacon in gastritis is prohibited.If you have high acidity, then you can not eat it.


You can eat fat with gastritis or not - only the doctor knows.He will definitely tell you whether there are any contraindications to its use.Follow all the recommendations of your doctor, then eating will only benefit.

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