Recommendations for the prevention of acute gastritis

Prevention of acute gastritis Any prevention is aimed at eliminating the factors that can cause a relapse of the disease.Distinguish recommendations for public and individual prevention.The causes of acute gastritis are completely different.Each of them requires special prevention.

The first category includes the actions of sanitary control aimed at preventing the consumption by the population of food products of unsatisfactory quality.Catering establishments are especially carefully checked.The following is taken into account in the inspection:

  1. sterility of kitchen utensils;
  2. features of the cooking process;
  3. measures to prevent bacterial contamination of finished products;
  4. employees health status.

Individual prevention measures, in the first place, are based on the correct approach to nutrition.The food used should contain the amount of nutrients and useful elements necessary for a person, while not adding to the stomach in addition.It is forbidden to eat harmful and difficult for digestion food.They cause attacks of acute

pain.Eating is divided into several approaches.Everyone knows them, it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack.It is recommended to have dinner no later than 4 hours before going to bed.During each meal a small amount is used.Any meal before eating should be properly processed.The products are preferably contained in the refrigerator.

Extremely great harm causes alcohol and smoking in the digestive system.It is recommended to abandon them, especially during periods of increased danger of exacerbation.


The basis of human health is hygiene.Any disease will pass easier in a clean and hygienic environment.Therefore, the prevention of acute gastritis does not do without maintaining cleanliness.First of all, it concerns the hygiene of the person himself: washing hands before meals, keeping clean the oral cavity, etc.

If there is a disease, then it must be treated.Chronic diseases that are left without attention can lead to complications, such as acute gastritis.

Prevention of allergic forms is reduced to removing allergens from the food basket.It is recommended to abandon the use of drugs that can lead to dyspeptic disorders.


Prevention of corrosive gastritis refers to the prevention of ingestion of poisons and toxic substances into the body.Exacerbation of the disease state of the digestive system may also be caused by an increase in the dose of medications.

With acute gastritis recommended To avoid phlegmonous gastritis, it is necessary to treat septic diseases in time, are acute inflammatory processes, furunculosis, acute infectious diseases.Follow is and hygiene of the walls of the stomach during surgery.Any injury or infection can provoke an acute form.

At times, exacerbation of gastritis can be caused by a person's professional activities.Those who work in industries with increased risk, doctors recommend as a preventive measure or change their place of work, or take measures to reduce the impact of the working environment on the body.

Drugs even on the basis of natural substances, irritate the gastric mucosa.With gastritis, you must stop taking a long course of taking medications.They can be changed for injections or even stop taking them.But before you do this, consult your doctor.But what if this is an extra precaution?


Everything in the body is interconnected.Painful processes in one of the organ systems negatively affect the functioning of the rest.So the prevention of gastritis directly depends on the treatment of chronic infections and the normal functioning of all organ systems.Especially important is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, because it provides all tissues and organs with useful substances, as well as air.Without them, the stomach can not work properly.

When a gastritis changes from an acute relapse to a chronic condition, the patient is put on the register.From this moment, a regular visit to the gastroenterologist becomes mandatory.Even in the case of full implementation of all the recommendations, from medical examination can not escape.

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