Rice with gastritis, can I have rice porridge?

Rice with gastritis The most common inflammatory disease of the digestive system, such as gastritis, requires a very attentive attitude and strict compliance with the strictest diet.All dishes that are allowed in this disease should not only exert the most sparing effect on the inflamed mucous membrane, but also replenish the body's energy reserve.

That is, the food should contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.A very good variant of the dietary dish, which should be used with gastritis - rice porridge.

But it should be borne in mind that rice, which will be used for food in case of gastritis, should be prepared in the right way, otherwise this product can cause serious damage to the inflamed stomach.Rice with gastritis can be eaten not only in the form of porridge, it is good from it and soups, and broths, because thanks to this croup, the body receives the required amount of carbohydrates.Only to people predisposed to constipation this product is not suitable, since it has fixing properties.


In order to avoid any doubts as to whether rice can be treated with gastritis, one should find out its useful properties.This crop contains almost 80% of complex carbohydrates and about 10% of protein, and they are known to completely provide the body with energy.In addition, the composition of this cereal includes phosphorus, iron, iodine, calcium and B vitamins. Rice porridge has a remarkable distinctive property, due to which its use in gastritis is necessary.This is its pronounced ability to excrete toxins and absorption.

These properties of rice uniquely make it such a product, the use of which is not something that is allowed, but simply necessary for patients.All dishes cooked on its basis are not only sufficiently nourishing, which allows you to saturate in very small portions, but also useful, and also, when properly prepared, have a restorative effect on the gastric mucosa.

Rice preparation rules for gastritis

Rice with gastritis can be In order to avoid damage to the damaged stomach, several basic rules should be observed during its preparation:

  • Cooking it is recommended on water, and milk, which has a low percentage of fat can be added to the finished dish.The same applies to salt and sugar.But they should be used only during the period of remission;
  • The consistency of rice porridge intended for a person suffering from a disease such as gastritis should be viscous and liquid.It is necessary for the stomach to envelope it, and its work is facilitated;
  • In case this dish is too thick, it is recommended to use a blender or a sieve to achieve the required viscosity;
  • It should be consumed only in warm, small doses, but during each meal.

These recommendations are mandatory for compliance, as the inflamed mucosa can not function normally and all food must be easily assimilated and unable to cause any additional damage to the stomach, neither mechanical, nor thermal, nor chemical.

Recipe for rice porridge for a patient with gastritis

Rice porridge with gastritis There are many variations of the dish from this cereal.One of them, the most good, is the dairy, protruding with pumpkin.To make it, the groats are moved, washed in warm water, dried and crushed in a coffee grinder.


Water is brought to a boil, a finely chopped pumpkin is dropped into it and rice is poured.Cook the dish over low heat for 40 minutes.When the dish gets cold a bit, milk is added to it, and if there is no exacerbation of the gastritis, then a little butter, as well as sugar and salt.

Good for gastritis and a decoction, which is made from rice, because it has not only enveloping, but also a soothing effect.But in any case, all the dishes that can be eaten with this disease, can be included in the diet only after consulting with the doctor in charge.

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