Diet with gastritis

Diet with gastritis Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa and occurs in acute and chronic form.At the first sign of gastritis it is necessary to completely reconsider your diet and observe a certain diet.This is very important for the disease not to progress and not to develop into a peptic ulcer.Nutrition for gastritis should be light, maximum beneficial and natural.

All products that need to be excluded from their diet:

  • It's worth to give up all fried and fatty.
  • Exclude from the diet all spicy dishes and do not use in cooking various spices.
  • Carbonated beverages and alcoholic beverages should be discarded.Just do not drink strong tea and coffee.
  • It is forbidden to eat fruits that contain the greatest amount of acid.Such as lemons, pineapples, apples of acid varieties.
  • Cereals that are difficult to digest and long to digest.This millet, corn and wheat groats, as well as beans and peas.
  • Do not abuse snacks in the dry-soup and various fast food.It will hurt the stomach even more.
  • Dairy products with a high fat content, some varieties of sharp and hard cheeses.

A diet that is worth following when gastritis.

You should start your breakfast with light vegetable, milk or chicken soup.Baked omelet cooked in the oven or eggs soft.Just the porridge on water or low-percentage milk from various grain crops will be useful.Herbal, weak tea or compote of dried fruits will be an ideal supplement.


The ideal dinner will be boiled meat of low-fat varieties, chicken, turkey, veal, rabbit.Or the meat can be replaced by any fish baked without oil.The garnish is best suited for vegetables cooked for a couple.Just a couple you can cook a variety of bits, cutlets zrazy.

Diet with gastritis Dinner should be very light and consist of products that are quickly digested, and will not overload the stomach at night.Ideally, it can be low-fat cottage cheese, light yogurt, puddings and various jelly from berries.It is also possible to use fruits with low acidity and vegetable salads, dressed with olive or sunflower oil.Dinner should be consumed strictly two hours before bedtime.To the next day not to feel heaviness and discomfort in the stomach.


Observing the right diet for gastritis, it is possible to avoid further complications in the disease.

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