Is it possible to have protein and sports nutrition with gastritis?

Protein for gastritis There is a lot of debate among the medical community as to whether it is possible to use proteins for gastritis.An unequivocal answer has not yet been received.But, most sports doctors say that with this disease you can use proteins.For a person with a gastritis they are completely harmless and safe.Considering that it is completely natural protein, it can be considered a full-fledged dietary food.The only contraindication in this case is individual intolerance, in other words, an allergic reaction to this component.But, as medical practice shows, such individual features are extremely rare.Therefore, if there is no propensity to allergy to protein, with gastritis, proteins can be taken without any fear for one's own health.

Sports nutrition for gastritis

Sport nutrition with gastritis Everyone knows that with all kinds of ailments of the gastrointestinal tract, with extreme caution it is necessary to approach the choice of any supplements, including sports.Their list is quite large.But, not all of them can be taken without the

risk of worsening health in the presence of such a common disease as gastritis.


For example, protein is absolutely safe.As for the gayers, they are also not contraindicated.However, in this case, you should carefully study their composition, or rather the form of carbohydrates, which they contain.In this case, there is a simple rule - the more monosaccharides, the more harmful for a patient with gastritis this type of sports nutrition.Since this chemical causes a sharp release of insulin, as a result of which irritation of the gastric mucosa occurs.

Amino acids also have a similar irritating effect.Especially harmful in this case are amino acids with branched side chains.And at the same time, so that sellers who sell protein and sports nutrition do not approve, the form of the drug - capsule, liquid, powder - is not at all important.Any amino acids are harmful to the stomach of a patient with gastritis.


Another harmful additive is creatine.The form of release in this case also does not matter.


How to be in the case of stomach problems, do not give up protein and sports nutrition?Experts say that one should not categorically argue.It is only necessary to avoid the above harmful forms.

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