Treatment of gastritis with propolis, alcohol tinctures with honey, how to take( drink)?

Gropolis with gastritis Diseases of the digestive system - plague of the 21st century.Actually, this is no wonder, because the stunning rhythm of life simply does not leave a person time for the organization of a rational, timely, and most importantly, balanced nutrition.

Naturally, the body is struggling to maintain normal acid-base and water-salt balance, but alcohol abuse and smoking reduce these efforts to almost zero.

As a result, 70% of visitors to the gastroenterologist's office hear an unpleasant diagnosis - gastritis of the stomach.And so, the fun begins.A person in a panic acquires a whole bunch of drugs and leaves the clinic with the hope of recovery, but with an empty purse.

But, is there a way to get rid of the disease with minimal use of pharmaceuticals?The answer is unequivocal, yes!Conscientious physicians will certainly recommend to the patient to use propolis tincture for the treatment of gastritis.

Treatment of gastritis with propolis is an ideal way to get rid of

Propolis with gastritis Propolis has been used for treatment

of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract since time immemorial.In view of the fact that many pharmaceutical preparations negatively influence the homeostasis of the body, today experts recommend carrying out treatment of the disease with tinctures of propolis.

Propolis is a product that synthesizes bees.It contains a multitude of trace elements( zinc, sulfur, manganese, etc.), as well as a balanced complex of natural vitamins( PP, E, B, A, etc.).

Unique properties of this product allow you to treat gastritis as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tincture of propolis in the treatment of gastritis demonstrates a curative antimicrobial effect.Its use helps to influence the human body in a complex way.

Spirituous tincture of propolis serves as an excellent analgesic, restores the affected tissues and cells of the gastric mucosa, and stimulates the secretion of vital enzymes.Thus, the secretory function of the pancreas and liver is improved.

In this case tincture of propolis on medical alcohol when getting rid of gastritis normalizes homeostasis, prevents the progression of inflammatory processes, suppresses rotting processes and strengthens the patient's immunity.

Propolis: use for gastritis

Propolis for gastritis Many patients who have decided to treat this insidious disease with antimicrobial tinctures, are concerned with the question of how to drink propolis with gastritis.

Propolis in the treatment of gastritis, usually taken in the form of tinctures.For their preparation use medical alcohol, creamy unsalted butter, honey, and in some recipes even milk.

Let's look at the most popular and effective recipes for natural tinctures for the treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcer, which can occur if a person does not react to the symptoms of a progressive disease in time.

Tinctures of propolis from gastritis.How to prepare and use them

  • The simplest tincture for the treatment of chronic gastritis .

To prepare the medicine you only need 2 ingredients: tincture of propolis on 90% alcohol solution and unsalted butter.

Tincture must be mixed with oil in a proportion of 10: 1.The resulting mixture should be brought to a boil, cool through cheesecloth.

Dosage: 20-30 drops for half an hour before meals.This dose is diluted with milk or water, and the reception lasts an average of 20 days.

Instead of butter in this medicine for gastritis, you can safely use sea buckthorn oil.The dose is increased to 1 teaspoon and take 3 r./day.

  • Decoction of herbs for the treatment of gastritis with propolis and honey .

Treatment of gastritis with propolis tincture This is the perfect recipe, which is best suited for patients with high acidity.

At first it is necessary to prepare a mixture of fennel, licorice, linden and peppermint.For the medicine, you need 3 regular tablespoons of this collection.

Herbs should be boiled in 0.5 liters of water at minimum heat for 18-20 minutes.Then the broth should be cooled and let it settle for about 3 hours.At the final stage of preparation, 3 standard spoons of honey are added to the broth, which already contains propolis.

Take propolis tincture with honey for the treatment of gastritis between meals at 100 grams at a time.

So, as you can see, it is not necessary to stuff your body with synthetic tablets and powders to treat such an unpleasant stomach disease.

Remember, propolis is an ideal natural remedy for treating dangerous diseases of the stomach and intestines.

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